Search engine optimisation: Google's most expensive keywords

Posted by David Murton on Mon, Mar 17, 2014 @ 10:00 AM

When it comes to search engine optimisation, keywords are an important part of the overall strategy.

However, certain keywords are harder to rank for than others. In essence, the more competition you have surrounding a keyword, the harder it will be to get your business to the top of page 1. And page 1 of Google is where you want to be.

But just how do you tell which keywords have a lot of competition? Well, there are certain types of software that can analyse keywords/keyword phrases and provide you with a general idea of how popular a certain keyword is among websites. On the other hand, there's also Google's own pay-per-click service, Google AdWords, which assigns a monetary value on keywords used in its ad service.

While it doesn't necessarily account for how popular set keywords are in an organic sense, the higher the cost of a keyword, the more competition that keyword has. That's because for a business to have its ad targeting that keyword to appear in the top ad spots on Google, they need to bid on it. If a particular keyword has heaps of bidders, the more its monetary value grows.

It may not provide you with a complete picture, but it does give you an idea of not only some of the most expensive keywords on Google, but also some of the most popular (it's worth noting that 97% of Google's revenue comes from PPC ads). So as of 2014, here are the 20 most expensive keywords/keyword phrases on Google in accordance to cost per click.


  1. Insurance: $54.91
  2. Gas/Electricity: $54.62
  3. Mortgage: $47.12
  4. Attorney: $47.07
  5. Claim: $45.51
  6. Loans: $44.28
  7. Donate: $42.71
  8. Lawyer: $42.51
  9. Conference Call: $42.05
  10. Recovery: $42.03
  11. Degree: $42.02
  12. Treatment: $37.18
  13. Credit: $36.06
  14. Software: $35.29
  15. Classes: $35.04
  16. Rehab: $33.59
  17. Trading: $33.19
  18. Hosting: $31.91
  19. Transfer: $29.86
  20. Cord Blood: $27.80


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