5 Ways to Personalise Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Posted by David Murton on Tue, Jun 12, 2012 @ 02:22 PM

When it comes to email marketing, giving each email you send out that personal touch really matters.

That's because no one really likes being marketed to. So if your emails are cold sales pitches without any humanity, people are less likely to take interest and engage. Luckily, personalising your email marketing campaigns is simple and can be done through employing the following five strategies.


1. Figure out your customer base

Before you even start emailing leads or trying to capture new leads, it's best for you to figure out your ideal customer base. For example, if you're an inbound marketing company like us at Margin Media, then one ideal customer base could be clients looking to have their business websites redesigned and another could be clients wanting to build a social media presence.

By identifying what type of customers you want - and will probably get - you can then decide what type of email content you're most likely to send out. This leads me to point number 2.


2. Identify their interests

The majority of the time someone will opt into your email list through some form of landing page. Maybe they download an ebook about web design, they sign on for a webinar, subscribe to your blog or maybe they simply join your mailing list. In the end, you can ultimately track what they care about. This is a complementing factor to point 1.

Even if straight away you can't identify what takes their interest the most, you can then analyse the metrics of your emails and see which links they look at or what calls-to-action caught their eye.


3. Segment

When you actually know what matters to each of your subscribers, you can create customised emails to suit each one of them. Of course this isn't a matter of writing a unique email for each and every subscriber - depending on your company you can have hundreds or thousands of subscribers. Instead, you can place your subscribers into respective groups of shared interests.

So say you have six different groups of interests. All you have to do is create these six different emails and send the right one to right group. By crafting your emails to be more specific to your subscribers' interests, you show that you've been noting what matters to them and making the emails speak more personally to what they care about.


4. Be personal

When someone opts into one of your email lists, you can easily ask them for some basic information such as their name and the company they work for. This is enough to allow you to be more personal in the copy of your emails. For example, you can start the email addressing them by name.

It's also a good idea to make your end of the emails personal. Instead of having your emails send from an address such as "noreply@nothing.com", have it come from "johndoe@mybusiness.com.au" and complement that with John Doe's name appearing in the copy. Also encourage your leads to reply if they need clarification on anything.


5. Metrics

Remember to look at the metrics of all emails you send out. The truth is your leads' interests could change. Maybe they don't care about website design anymore but are really intrigued by social media.

So while they may stop clicking through on links in your emails regarding web design, you could witness them downloading an ebook off your site about social media. By noting this, you can then start sending them out emails that include more social media-focused content and keep them invested in your marketing campaigns.


What methods have you used to give your email marketing campaigns that personal touch? Share your tips in the comments below.

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