How to Overcome Your Blogging Doubts

Posted by David Murton on Sat, Jun 30, 2012 @ 07:00 AM

doubtsSometimes one of the biggest challenges you have to overcome when writing a blog is yourself.

Yes, we can be very pesky, constantly doubting ourselves and the quality of what we write. We also tend to make up excuses to cater to these doubts. But procrastination won't get your blogs written and it won't help your site earn more traffic and leads. Here are three common doubts or excuses people may use when trying to avoid blogging and how you can overcome them.


1. Nothing good to say

There's a difference between the occasional writer's block and the frequent belief that we have nothing good to say. Well, here's the simple truth - if you're in a business, you have something worthy to say. You need to discuss your industry, offer tips and how-to guides. Because the simple fact is someone is going to care about your industry. Chances are much more likely that multiple people are going to care.

If you're finding it hard to come up with ideas or you're genuinely suffering from writer's block, be sure to check out our blog 7 Tips for Coming Up With New Blog Ideas.


2. No comments? My content must be bad!

To be honest, comments aren't a measurement of how successful your blogs are. When you consider blogs that receive huge viewing numbers and social shares, then look at their comments section and see about 20, by comparison that's a very small comment quota.

This doesn't mean the blog is unsuccessful, and just because you may not be getting any comments doesn't mean your blog is of poor quality and doomed for all eternity. What you should be measuring is how many people click on CTAs associated with your blog, how many conversions you earn and how many shares your blogs receive.

It's much easier for someone to click on something than to write a comment. And unless they believe their comment is absolutely fundamental to the content of the blog article, they're probably not going to leave one. It's similar to when you see a friend's update on Facebook that you like, but you press the 'like' button because it's easier. So don't let a lack of comments deter you.


3. No time

This is a very common excuse that people use to avoid writing up blogs. Of course, it is also a genuine claim much of the time, with any business naturally being very busy - especially if you're running a small business and doing a lot of the work yourself.

There's no magic solution to your time issues besides setting up a schedule. The amount of blogs you put up per week should depend on your schedule. So if you're really busy, don't force yourself to write a blog every day. Try every second or third day instead. What matters is consistency, not massive volumes.

Sit down, note when you have spare time to write a blog and mark it for that. Also remember that blogs don't have to be massive and most people don't want to read an overwhelmingly large blog anyway. So anything between 400 to 600 words can fit. Much like consistency over volume, it is also quality over quantity.


If you've ever found yourself doubting your blogging efforts, let us know how you overcame them in the comments below.

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