5 Ways to Reconvert your Marketing Leads

Posted by David Murton on Fri, Jun 29, 2012 @ 02:19 PM

sales-funnelIn the world of inbound marketing, it's not enough to simply earn a lead once and then pat yourself on the back.

Someone becomes a lead during their first conversion - they provide their email address to access an offer of yours. At this point in time, they're at the very top of the sales funnel. So you can't simply start making sales pitches to them now that you have their email address. What you need to do is move them further down the funnel.

One of the most effective ways of doing this is to have them make reconversions. So you want them to download another ebook, view another webinar, etc. By doing so, you're giving them more reason to like your business and move closer to a sale towards a sale.


1. Use Calls-to-action

This may sound obvious, but CTAs should be used on your site, and used well. More importantly, you want your CTAs to feel relevant as well. So if you're a business that deals with social media, then you'll want some CTAs that lead to an offer that deals with social media.

The page can also determine the CTA. Say you have one page discussing social media and the next discussing web design. You'll want the social media CTA with the social media page and the web design CTA with your web design page. It's simple but logical. A returning lead to your site could see one of these relevant CTAs and convert again.


2. Use secondary CTAs

Along with your primary CTA in something such as your emails, don't be afraid to use a secondary CTA. See, you may send out an email purely in the hopes to earn some conversions for your brand spanking new ebook. However, this ebook talks more to an audience that is at the top of the sales funnel. What if someone's halfway down?

To cater to people who may be at different points of the process, a secondary CTA is a great idea. You can have another CTA that links to a free demo of your product or service. It's better for you because you're effectively expanding your reach.


3. Place CTAs in your offers

One great method of inspiring reconversions is placing a CTA to a related offer within one of your offers. So say you have that ebook about social media and there's a section that deals with Facebook. You have another ebook that deals exclusively with Facebook.

Yep, you add a CTA to your social media ebook that leads to the landing page for your Facebook ebook. Because if people are reading the Facebook section, they probably want to learn about it. If you can educate them further, they'll see that as a good thing.


4. Thank your leads

When someone actually follows through with one of your offers, make sure to thank them. Your thanks shouldn't contain any other hidden agenda other than saying thanks. It's not a sales pitch, but it does humanise your company and gives your lead a good impression of your business, giving them incentive to return.


5. Be personal

Following on from the last point, another great way to encourage reconversions is by humanising your business. Make it so your emails are sent from a person, not a department. Address them by name, if possible, and also make it so they can reply to your emails.

Finally, by analysing the metrics of your emails, you can gauge what interests your leads and segregate your correspondence by interests. By doing so, you can create email campaigns that are much more aligned to what they care about. The more they care, the more they'll click-through and move down the sales funnel.


Have any other tips on earning reconversions? Share them with us in the comments below.

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