Australian Internet and Social Media Statistics (July 2012)

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Welcome! In this post we look at the Australian Internet and Social Media Statistics, current as at the end of July 2012.australian_internet_stats

Internet and social media statistics relevant to Australia can be hard to find, so we're easing the effort by offering you helpful overviews regarding the growth (or fall) of key social media platforms and the state of internet usage in our country. All comparisons are based on statistics from the previous month.

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Australian Facebook Statistics

NB: Due to a statistical abnormality on, the total Australian user count for Facebook will be taken from Google Double Click statistics this time. Because of this, the number could be notably different as Double Click determines its stats through different measures.

I will list last month's user count in red - as determined by - as well so that you have a point of reference between July's count and June's. Note that the abnormality on was a user count of about 2x more than Australia's actual population.

Other statistics in this Facebook section will also be taken from Double Click and noted. Anything not noted is still sourced from as those statistics haven't shown any signs of abnormalties.

Total users:
  • 13,000,000 (Google Double Click)
  • 11,010,980 (stats from for June)
Penetration of Population:  57.47% (Google Double Click)
Gender Split (M/F): 52% / 48% (Google Double Click)
Largest Age Segment: 25-34 (26%)
Average Time on Site:  21:40
3 most Liked Brands:
  • M&M's Fans (2,882,415) 
  • Quicksilver (2,098,736)
  • UGG Australia (1,393,253)


Australian Twitter Statistics

Total users:  1,800,000 (same as last month)
Gender Split (M/F):  68% / 32%
Average time on site:  10:50
Largest Age Segment
45-54 (35%)
Highest User Interest:
  • Search Engine Optimisation and Marketing
  • Blogging Resources and Services


Australian LinkedIn Statistics

Total Users: 2,200,000 (up 100k)
Average Time on site: 8:50
Largest Age Segment:
45-54 (36%)
Gender Split (M/F):   59% / 41%


Australian Social Media Statistics (Other)

MySpace: 390,000
Pinterest: 620,000
Tumblr: 1,200,000
Stumble Upon: 130,000
Google+: 600,000
Instagram: 475,000


Australian Internet Browsers (% Market Share)

Internet Explorer: 40.45%
Chrome: 22.85%
Firefox: 18.96%
Safari: 15.14%

Australian Search Engines (%Market Share)

Google:  93.7%
All the rest: 6.3%


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* Statistics are current at time of publishing
** Statistics sourced from:

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