7 Reasons Your Blog Content is Boring

Posted by David Murton on Thu, Aug 02, 2012 @ 01:08 PM

We all fall into the trap of creating boring or uninspired business blog content from time to time.

It can be a difficult task to make your business blog not feel like business and, quite frankly, the majority of your readers would rather read an enjoyable blog over a facts-of-the-industry business blog. The good news is your blogs can be enjoyable. What you need to do is make your blogs easy-to-read, informative and fun. So if you want to achieve this, you need to make sure you're not doing the following.


1. Business jargon

Landing pages and inbound marketing... These are just two of a number of terms used here at Margin Media. But just because we know what they mean doesn't mean our readers do. That's why we actually have blogs that explain these industry terms. More so, we explain what they are in layman's terms.

Don't throw around a whole lot of business jargon just to try and sound smart. All it does is make you come off as condescending to your audience. Speak to them as a person and explain your terms as opposed to expecting them to know what you mean. Oh, and here are two links explaining the aforementioned terms:


2. Rambling

Don't ramble. Get to the point. No one likes filler. The end.


3. Why so serious?

It's a blog, not a police report. Things don't have to be just the facts and no conversation. Talk to your audience the way you would talk to someone face-to-face. Have a conversation with them. Don't be afraid to use humour and poke fun at yourself. The more your blogs actually speak to your audience, the more engaged they'll be. So ditch the seriousness.


4. No images

Really? Why not? Images are great. They help break up the text and draw readers in. Along with that, you use them to help back up points (e.g. a graph of your findings). Some posts can even be dominantly visual with supporting text. People love photos, graphics, etc. It simplifies things.


5. Massive amounts of text

Now, when I'm talking about this, I'm referring to when you have a wall of text that isn't separated appropriately. For example, this is what this blog would look like so far if I hadn't placed it into sections, stylised the text or used images:


The horror...

Don't overwhelm your audience with such intense blasts of text. Separate it, use different fonts, incorporate images and use bullet-points. That way you're utilising white space to not inspire fear in your readers.


6. No passion

There's nothing that really kills the mood of a good time quite like someone without passion. Their tone always has this lethargic nature to it, they don't engage in conversation, they never laugh and they're essentially what would be defined as a buzzkill. Usually it's because they have no passion for life.

A lack of passion for your blogging will do the same for your readers. It'll ruin their mood. If your blog has no personality, no joy, no evidence of love for what you're talking about... Well, your readers will go somewhere else.


7. Self-obsessed

You're writing a blog article for your business, not you. If you want to talk about your life, leave that for your personal blog. Sorry to say this, but no one really cares about what you did on the weekend or what you're doing in two weeks time.

Your friends will, but your readers don't know you on a personal level so they won't. Keep it about your business and inject your personality into your posts. But don't ever inject your personal life in there.


What else do you think attributes to a boring business blog? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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