5 Ways to Give Your Marketing Efforts More Charisma

Posted by David Murton on Thu, Aug 09, 2012 @ 01:59 PM

confettiIf your marketing efforts are suffering, it could be because your approach is lacking charisma.

Just like a charismatic person, charasmatic marketing can pull people in, keep them listening and ensure that your business stays in the forefront of their minds even after they've stopped engaging with you for the day. It's this ability to etch yourself in the minds of prospects, leads and customers that will give your business a greater chance of success.

Achieving charisma in your marketing doesn't require any trickery, but is more about being genuine about your business and building your marketing around that. Here are five ways you can give your marketing efforts that much needed injection of charisma.


1. Be genuine

Here's a simple fact: people do not like to be deceived or told half-truths by businesses. With the ever-growing emergence of online marketing, being genuine has become more important than ever.

This shift has meant marketing is more about forming relationships as opposed to talking at your audience. So one thing that's really going to give you a personality boost is to be genuine. Explain the objectives of your business, let your customers know you care about their opinions, and speak to them on a personal level - not a corporate one.


2. Credit others

An honest business is going to be a very likeable business. It's natural that when you're posting new content on your social media pages or blogs that you will source things such as information, statistics and images from others. As along as it is okay to do this in first place, always make sure you credit who you got that valuable bit of content from.

Link back to them and thank them. They will appreciate your honesty and so will your audience. Dishonesty is never the best policy and it will significantly hurt your marketing personality.


3. Have engaging content

Charasmatic people are engaging. Honestly, you could probably sit there for hours listening to them tell stories and cracking jokes and not get bored. Your content should do the same. While you probably won't be able to sustain your audience for numerous hours, you can at least make it so they enjoy reading your content.

Engaging content is valuable content. It will educate them without overwhelming them. You can also write up opinion pieces to let your beliefs on a certain industry subject shine through. Don't be afraid to use humour and make comments that will inspire debate. Of course, make sure your comments are a healthy form of controversy.

This content - whether it's a blog, ebook, webinar, etc. - is a fundamental element to whether people will come back to you for more valuable imformation or not.


4. Respond to people

A charismatic business knows how to converse with people. The days of traditional marketing where a business simply spoke at the audience are starting to become a thing of the past. Nowadays, traditional marketing is being integrated with or taken over by online and social marketing where conversation is key.

On your social media pages you should be making posts that start conversations and then you must respond to your audience and the comments they make. Always be respectful, personable and let your business's personality shine through with tasteful humour and observation. Whatever you do, don't ever be rude.


5. Admit to mistakes

You know what's a likeable characteristic? The ability to admit when you've made a mistake. Businesses are run by people, so human error is expected. Instead of denying when you make an error, admit that you did, apologise and amend it with the right information. If someone pointed out your error, thank them for bringing it your attention.

Mistakes do not have to hurt your business and they certainly won't hurt your attempts of giving your marketing efforts some genuine charisma. Denying your errors or hoping they go away will hurt your business.


What methods do you use to inject personality and charisma into your marketing efforts? Be sure to share your tips with us in the comments below.

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* Image source: Phil Roeder

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