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Posted by David Murton on Wed, May 08, 2013 @ 12:19 PM

mobile-marketingWhether you've taken time out to account it for it or not, mobile marketing should be an important area of consideration for all businesses.

This isn't just about optimising your website for mobile devices, but it's also about understanding the way in which mobile devices - particularly smart phones - are changing the way people behave online.

In today's blog, I've listed a number of noteworthy statistics that help illustrate just how much mobile is growing and how these changes mean all marketers and businesses need to be more mobile-friendly.

All the statistics listed come courtesy of Google's Australian "Our Mobile Planet" survey, which they ran in 2012. They surveyed a total of 1,000 Australian adults from the ages of 18 - 64 years of age. The gender split was 52% male and 48% female.


How Australians use their smart phones on a daily basis

The growth of smart phone use has been substantial over the past couple of years, and this has led to more Australians becoming even more active with their mobile device of choice. Back in the first quarter of 2011, smart phone penetration was at around 37% of our country's population. By the the first quarter of 2012, it had grown to 52%. While there are no current statistics on the state of smart phone penetration in Q1 2013, it would be a safe assumption that it has grown further. 

In terms of use, this is how many Australians are currently using their smart phones on a general basis:

  • 74% of Australians do not leave their home without having their smart phone on them
  • We like to use are smart phones in a number of settings, but the top three places are at home (98%), on the go (85%) and at work (73%)
  • 65% of smart phone users access the internet at least once a day
  • For the future, 38% of smart phone users expect their internet usage to increase on their device


Consumer behaviour on mobile

While everyone uses their smart phones for different things (besides calls and texts, of course), there are certain behaviours a lot of them take part in, which make them valuable individuals to try and get your business in front of. Here are some of the most notable points of consumer behaviour on smart phones:

  • 51% of Australian smart phone owners use search every day (e.g Google)
  • Here's what we tend to search for:
    • Product information - 61%
    • Restaurants, pubs and bars - 43%
    • Travel - 34%
    • Job offers - 23%
    • Apartments and housing information - 23%
  • 65% of smart phone users watch videos (e.g. YouTube), with 14% watching at least one video each day
  • 78% like to spend time on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, with 49% checking their social media accounts at least once a day
  • It's not uncommon for smart phone users to multi-task, with 80% of Australians doing this; some of the most popular include using our smart phones while watching TV (48%), listening to music (46%) and using the internet (34%)


Local search

Local search is huge among smart phone users in Australia, and often leads to some positive action being taken after the initial search.

  • 86% of smart phone users have performed a local search; of those that have, 88% have gone to take action on the search (e.g. contact the business)
  • 48% of us who own smart phones search local information at least once a week; 18% do this daily
  • Taking action after a local search has led to some very positive results, with smart phone users doing the following:
    • Connecting with the business - 65%
    • Visiting the business online or in person - 68%
    • Recommending or reviewing the business - 19%
    • Making a purchase - 39%


Shopping behaviour on smart phones

The rise of smart phones has had a significant impact on how people now shop online. Whether this is through using multiple devices before making a purchase or using the smart phone on its own, mobile commerce is a growing world, and businesses need to capable of catering to this change.

  • Researching products is a very common practice for smart phone users, and they'll perform this research in a number of settings, including:
    • At home - 62%
    • On the go - 34%
    • At work - 25%
    • In a shop - 20%
    • On public transport - 19%
  • 24% of smart phone users utilise their device to compare prices and learn about specific products
  • 22% have changed their minds about an in-store purchase based on information they've gathered on their smart phone
  • 19% have changed their minds about an online purchase based on information they've gathered on their smart phone
  • 33% of product research performed on a smart phone leads to a purchase being made on a computer; 29% leads to offline purchases (e.g. in-store)
  • 28% of smart phones users make purchases directly on their device; of these users, 59% make a purchase at least once a month
  • 28% of smart phone users expect to make more purchases directly on their devices in the future



Last but not least is advertising, another method of brand promotion that businesses can use besides more organic efforts. Whether your ads are on mobile devices themselves or through more common methods, it's been shown that advertising can help drive mobile enquries regarding products and services.

  • 63% of smart phone users have been inspired to search a product or service on their device after seeing an offline ad
  • 59% of smart phone users only view the very first page of search results
  • 87% of people notice mobile ads on their smart phones
  • The key areas where mobile ads are noticed include:
    • Apps - 42%
    • Websites - 40%
    • Search engines - 33%
    • Videos - 18%


If you would like to view Google's full survey, click here.

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