Improving the effectiveness of your email marketing efforts

Posted by David Murton on Sat, Feb 15, 2014 @ 08:00 AM

email-icon-cleanEmail marketing remains as one the biggest and most enduring marketing channels online.

When you take that fact into account, it helps solidify just how important email marketing is to keeping you brand front of mind with consumers. So no doubt you'll want to make sure your marketing emails themselves are great. In today's article, I'll be offering up a few tips on how you can make your email marketing efforts truly effective.


Be consistent

First up, let's talk consistency. If you want your emails to work, you need to develop a schedule in terms of when they go out and how often. People prefer being able to expect when the next bit of communication from your business will come through. Just remember that the rate in which you send out emails needs to be realistic.

In other words, people won't like it if you decide to consistently send out emails four times a day for every single day of the week. At the same time, they'll probably become lose interest if you're only sending one email every three months. Ultimately, the correct rate at which to send out emails will depend on both the nature of your business and your subscribers. But it's a good rule of thumb that too many or too few emails will end up hurting your email marketing.


Get personal

A little bit of simplistic personalisation in your emails can go a long way. Now, there is certainly more you can do than addressing the recipient by their proper name (this is achieved through some basic coding) but this is also the best place to start.

It may not seem like much, but even taking the time out to have your emails (even if they're form emails) note the recipient by name makes them feel far more personal than some generic gretting. On their end, they'll appreciate the fact you took the time out to ensure their name was used. But don't forget to have a back-up where if the email fails to generate the recipient's name, it will at least be replaced by a greeting that still feels human (e.g. "Hi there" or "How's it going?"). A back-up greeting can also be achieved through basic code.

You can expand beyond this, as well, through targeting your emails more. Typically, you can achieve this via segmenting your email subscribers based off expressed interests. For example, if someone became a contact through downloading an ebook regarding vegetarian food, then it'd be a safe initial assumption that they're either vegetarian, vegan or are actively looking into a vegetarian diet. So you could place them in a 'Vegetarian' email list.

Similarly, if someone become a contact through downloading an offer filled with recipes for meat dishes, then that may be more their scene - 'Meat dishes' email list.

What you do then is create different emails for these lists and send them through. With a mix of basic personalisation (e.g. "Hi Greg") and a bit of content targeting, you could really capture your recipients' interests.


Check your metrics

No matter what you do online, you can be assured there's some type of metric tied to it. In terms of email marketing, metrics are a truly invaluable tool. By keeping an eye on how your emails are performing (open rates, click-throughs, bounce rates, etc.) you can constantly assess what is and isn't working in the grand scheme of things.

Furthermore, when looking at metrics such as bounce rates, you can also see which email addresses may need to be removed to protect your emails from getting marked as spam and, consequently, your emails being blacklisted.

Most importantly, however, by keeping an eye on your email marketing metrics, you can then make improvements to your emails. As metrics can provide you with an insight into what is and isn't working, you can use this information to then refine your emails - whether it's improving the design, changing the content you put in, or maybe even working on the subject line.


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