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Buy a Minute of Silence this ANZAC Day


Every ANZAC Day we are asked to bow our heads and take a minute to remember those who have fought for our country. This year, the ANZAC Appeal is utilising an unorthodox campaign to encourage people to buy a minute of silence to reflect on their efforts of Australia’s war veterans.

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Don't dismiss infrequent flyers - reward them


For years marketers have been trying to attract those infrequent shoppers with discounts and membership programs to try and make them loyal consumers. Yet in today’s economy, people aren’t loyal and switch between brands depending on who will give them the best deal.

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4 ways your business can use Twitter


You’re hosting a party, and the doorbell rings; upon opening it, you see one person you know and three people you’ve never met.
Do you:

A) Leave them at the door?
B) Usher them inside?
C) Greet them, introduce them around, and interact with them?

I sure hope you answered 'C'.

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Seagate unleash blazing 6TB hard drives for businesses


You may remember a while ago we posted that Western Digital were filling their hard drives with helium in order to increase storage. Well Seagate have released the fastest 6TB hard drive and it doesn’t use helium. It’s also very fast, running at 7,200 RPM with a disk this size is surprisingly hard to achieve.

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The 'Business Card' business - making your brand memorable


First impressions are everything. Whether we like it or not, everybody is aware of this simple, shallow fact, and yet it is so easily forgotten. Why bother to dress in your snappiest suit and brush your hair after a week’s hiatus if you aren’t going to put everything into that first interaction?

The one physical memento you are leaving behind from this relationship-defining “first impression” is your business card, and more often than not, you haven’t put as much effort into this lasting impact as you have with that blowdry that’s going to be ruined by the humidity.

Think about how many thousands of business cards you have seen in your lifetime. What comes to mind is not a plethora of memorable and distinguishable pieces of information but a blur of white cardstock, boring typeface and a logo of some description. So what makes you think that you’re so important that your plain old scrap of paper will stand out against all the others? People forget faces, names and whether your hair was brushed or not, so your business card is crucial to driving that first impression home and ensuring you and your business are remembered.

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Page 1 of Google: Why it matters


What purpose does your website serve to your business? Is it to gain customers or leads? Is it to increase brand exposure?

Regardless of your site's objectives, they will be mighty difficult to achieve without traffic. And where do the majority of sites get their qualified traffic? Through Google of course.

If there is one thing our clients know about online marketing, it is that getting on to page one of Google is important. But very few truly understand why.

To explain this the best way we know how, we have put together a list of statistics that explain the importance of a Page 1 Google ranking.

Google’s market share

There are search engines besides Google, such as Yahoo, Bing, and Ask Jeeves. However, they simply don't have the market share that Google has, which currently sits at a whopping 93.34% in Australia.

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Why Google Drive could be an asset to your business


This article was originally written in Google Drive. It was created in my personal Margin Media folder, where I keep all my articles. Once I finished it, I placed a copy in the shared Margin Media folder, where all of us writers put our articles. It was then accessed by our lead copywriter before he uploaded it to the blog. All via Google Drive.

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Anti-bullying video gets shorter each time it is shared


Aimed to address one of the major problems when it comes to eliminating bullying - that more often than not the victims are afraid to seek help - “Share it to end it” encourages victims to speak up with its clear message.

The big idea behind the social media-driven campaign is intelligently reflected in the delivery of the video. Each time the video is shared, it becomes shorter; designed to completely disappear after it has been shared 100,000 times.

“Typically social media campaigns use collective social power to grow or spread a video, but we want people to wipe it out by sharing it,” said Juhi Kalia, Executive Creative Director at JWT Singapore. At the end of the video a plea appears: “Share this film for those who are too afraid to share. Each share shortens this film and helps to end it, just like how we can end bullying by talking about it.”

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How to make Slacktivism profitable … Just ask PEDIGREE


How often do you see in your Facebook news feed people posting that if you like or share this post you will help raise money for a charity?
 Just like me, you ignore it as I believe that by me simply liking a post or sharing something I am not helping out. Yet many people share and like these posts believing that they are actively making a difference in the world. These people are “Slacktivists”, slackers who think that using social media to share the message is the same as live activism.

Slacktivism has caused a real problem for charities as people liking and sharing a posts can’t help the charity make a difference in the world. But PEDIGREE has taken a different approach to Slacktivism by using it as an advantage in their latest campaign for the PEDIGREE Adoption Drive.

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Facebook launches 'Nearby Friends'


The newest feature that will be added to Facebook's mobile app is 'Nearby Friends', and it does exactly what it says.

Announced Thursday in the US, 'Nearby Friends' will allow you to show your general location to Facebook friends, as well as the ability for you to see any friends that are near your location. As is typically the go with such updates, Facebook will be rolling it out progressively, with US residents being the first to have access to it on iOS or Android before it goes worldwide.


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