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How to rank higher in Google Maps results


Google Maps. Where would we be without it?

Beneficial for both personal and business use, Maps has played a substantial role in changing the way we get around on a day-to-day basis. For businesses, ensuring that you can be easily discovered via Maps is more important than ever. In today's article, I'm going to provide some quick tips on what you can do to help your business show up higher in Google Maps search results.


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Email marketing - No, it's not dead


Ah, the good old (well not that old) email. That tireless little 'ping' of some company sending us spam. The email has become synonymous with bad and annoying advertising with the popular opinion being that nobody checks their email and that email marketing is dead. Well, do I have news for you - it's not. Far from it.

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Instagram is making marketing and ad data available to brands


Instagram is making it a lot easier for brands to market and advertise on the social media platform, introducing instant access to the data about how well their campaigns are performing. While previously Instagram had delivered brand reports to its select group of advertisers, this new feature will apply to both organic and paid marketing efforts. Most importantly, it will make marketing/advertising data more immediately available, allowing brands to more efficiently revise their strategies on the platform.

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The brave new world of 3D printing: What it means for your business


While everyone is getting excited about the implications of the development of 3D printing, I’m over here being the tech-grinch. We’ve seen makeup, limbs, and even weapons, but have we really considered how 3D printing will affect our livelihoods?

Basically any business that is involved in the manufacture, transport or supply of goods has the potential to be impacted by 3D printing. The three major threats posed by 3D printing are intellectual property, logistics and price.


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Facebook adds 'Satire' tag; reduces embarrassment for some users


Facebook is trialling a new Satire tag in order to prevent embarrassment for those who believe The Onion is a real news source.

I know the perils of having a sarcastic sense of humour. Many a time I've had someone question my intelligence or sanity after a deadpan comment, not picking up on a slight change of tone to indicate it's all a joke. It is even harder on the internet, where the communication is text-based and there's no subtle eyebrow raise or twitch of a smile to save you from a, "Wait wait - really?!"

We've all seen the passionate Facebook statuses proclaiming the user just knew Dick van Dyke was the Zodiac killer all this time, that Planned Parenthood used tax payers' money to open a $8 billion Abortionplex, or that hundreds die in the post-Thanksgiving Black Friday sales. Despite the fact that it should be fairly clear that Obama is not giving every American a parrot, The Onion is still viewed as a real news site by many, leading to embarrassment or disbelief by the posters.

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7 simple steps to PR auditing


Public relations is one of the most intensive and costly factors for any business, in terms of both time and money. An essentially 24/7 job, the PR team works around the clock to market the company and diffuse any potential issues, ensuring the only messages sent out by the company are those intended. Despite this, many firms find that their efforts are futile, with unintentional - and sometimes damaging - information slipping through the cracks.

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#IceBucketChallenge - success or social media clicktivism?


Unless you've been living under a rock for the past two weeks, you've probably seen or even been involved in an Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) awareness and fundraising. The concept is people get nominated to complete the challenge and have to do so within 24 hours or donate $100 toward ALS research. Those who complete the challenge get to nominate new people and the cycle continues.

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Silent Hills' playable teaser is an example of marketing brilliance


Note: This article focuses on the creative marketing efforts for the video game Silent Hills. While the key focus will be on the nature of its marketing, it's important to note that this article is still discussing a horror franchise. No detailed mature content is included, but some of the content discussed may still be a little unnerving for those who aren't fans of horror.

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Social media interaction: Paddy Power does it right


The key to success for any brand with a social media presence is to interact with their audience. You could have the most valuable content in the world, but if you consistently post this content without bothering to actively engage with your audience, then they won't have a very memorable experience with your brand. That's where Paddy Power struck gold.

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Blogging - One of the best tools for inbound marketing


When you hear the term blog, you may just think of someone idly posting their personal experiences for a few select people to read, but blogging has very quickly cemented itself as a professional and effective marketing tool. 

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