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Getting hairy about hipsters: Procter & Gamble’s shaving crisis


Hipsters. Their frameless Raybans, Vans and Fedoras drive all us mainstream folk nuts, but is there more to the animosity directed at hipster culture than just unrealised jealousy?

Procter & Gamble, the parent company of brands such as Gillette and Braun have, for the first time in many years reported a loss amongst their shaving product brands. Razors, shaving cream and electric razors have all experienced a decline.


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Twitter and Kantar: a new media relationship


Twitter and Kantar have expanded their relationship as part of their “Data of Now” program. The program, which will run over 5 years, is set to enhance their global alliance through collaboration on new research approaches.

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5 fantastic PR campaigns that got people talking


Designed to attract attention to their respective brands, these PR stunts did more than just get people talking ... people wanted to get involved! Here are five of the best PR campaigns to have come out recently.

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How Microsoft is repairing its image


For the last year, Microsoft has taken a beating from the public, starting with its Xbox One reveal in May 2013. Since then, they’ve worked tirelessly to improve the public’s opinion by righting their many ‘wrongs’. They were even nominated for the ‘Worst company in America’.

In recent months, however, they’ve been making one good decision after another. From releasing Office on Apple’s iPad to bringing back the beloved Start Menu on their OS, we’ll discuss what Microsoft has done recently that’s helping them turn their image around.

Displayed how the Cloud will work in games

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5 simple reasons your business should be on Instagram


Despite being one of the biggest social networking platforms around, many brands big and small still believe that Instagram has no place in their marketing plan. This is particularly seen if the brand does not have a physical or visual product.

However, by not engaging, companies are missing out on enormous opportunities created through the social networking account. Here are five simple reasons why every brand should have an Instagram account, and how it can be used for their marketing advantage.

1. It has a huge following - and it's FREE

How much would your brand pay to have access to over 200 million active potential consumers worldwide? With instagram, it’s free and available on your smart phone and tablet! With a growing number of users worldwide, Instagram allows for brands to establish themselves anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Furthermore, because it is a primarily visual platform, companies can still interact despite language barriers with the use of images and videos.

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Researcher: "Every marketer should use Google+"


With more users than LinkedIn, Pinterest, or Instagram, and the same number of users as Twitter, Google+ is less of a ‘ghost town’ than The New York Times might have you believe.

A new survey by Forrester Research, which surveyed 60,000 US adults, has shown that on average big brands on Google+ have 90% as many Google+ fans as they do Twitter followers. The brands studied actually had more Google+ followers than their combined YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram followers.


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Share Wars: a viral marketing tool no brand should ignore


When it comes to marketing online, blogging is one of those notable ways in which a business can increase its reach and amount of qualified traffic coming to its site.

But the true challenge comes in figuring out what to write about. Even outside of the pesky situation of suffering from writer's block, thinking of stuff to write day in and day out can often be challenging in itself. Making sure what you write is going to appeal to readers and bring in solid traffic numbers is another thing entirely.

As it turns out, however, there is a little site that can both inspire ideas and provide you with an insight into the types of articles that are receiving some significant attention. It's called Share Wars.

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How to gamify your business and increase productivity


What is gamification?

At its most basic definition, gamification is the act of taking something regular - that may even seem boring or mundane - and injecting elements of gaming into it, such as traditionally game-based mechanics or reasoning. The reasoning behind it is to improve engagement with the brand in question; both at a consumer and employee level.

While the concepts used are similar to those found in games, be they board-or-video-based, gamification is definitely not playing games at the office.

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Drinkwise ‘How to Drink Properly’ campaign plays it cool


Responsible drinking campaigns have always been a tough sell.
Launched via social media in February this year, the How to Drink Properly campaign by Clemenger BBDO Melbourne certainly takes a different approach to encourage responsible drinking.

The popular campaign features a smooth, debonair character in a sharp black and white graphical style. Supported by outdoor posters and the website, but with a dominant social media focus, the campaign was designed to be talked about, and shared. With some of the videos on the campaign Facebook page being shared more than 2,000 times, it is clear that the suave, stylish, (and somewhat controversial) videos are making an impression.

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Dropbox is scanning your account


Well, they’re kind of scanning your account.
As you would assume, Dropbox can’t actually sniff around in your personal files and folders (though they have the ability to do so if legally required to) but it can detect hashes. A designer by the name of Darrell Whitelaw tweeted an image of his personal and paid for Dropbox folder:


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