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Yo, Hodor, and Emojli - new ways to avoid a conversation


First there were phone calls; potentially terrifying things that can take a long time and without any transcript of the discussion.
Then there were text messages, emails, and chat, which are a gift to those with social anxiety who like their human interactions short, sweet, and in a readable format. Now, a new range of super-short messaging platforms have hit app stores for those who like to be even more removed from the conversation.


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How to really engage with a social media campaign


Social media is one of the best ways for brands to interact and engage with their market. But everyone is doing it and social media messages are beginning to blend in with advertising clutter.

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First they kissed, now they undress - all for a TV show

masters of sex resized 600

Unless you have been hiding under a rock for the past few months, you wouldn’t have missed the “First Kiss” video that was released earlier this year. This video inspired more than just the romantic in all of us, but also thousands of spin-off videos that flooded many Facebook users' news feeds. The video featured a group of 20 strangers who met for the first time and were asked to kiss. In an awkward - yet romantic - video, you watch the strangers pair up with each other and work up the courage to kiss for the first time.

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Social media wars: YouTube vs Facebook


Social media. Our very first taste of interacting socially online was disconnecting the phone line to send an email. Then we got IM, and soon, social media was MySpace. Then we evolved to Facebook and it looked like, despite a bit of competition from Instagram, Facebook was here to stay as the reigning champ of social media stardom. Not for long.

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Google Play ordered to declare game prices truthfully


Have a look through the Google Play and iTunes stores. There are very few games that are actually paid for, with the vast majority of them being "free". Scrolling through over 200 of the Top Games, there wasn't a single one that was paid for. Rather, there has been a new development in mobile games; In-App Purchases.

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5 major social media PR disasters


There is no doubt that social media has changed the way we live our lives. From connecting with the people we love to bridging the communicative divide between nations, social media offers a level of two-way communication - especially between businesses and consumers - that goes unmatched. As I'm about to show you with examples of some recent, and major, public relations disasters on social media, it's also a tool that should be used carefully and wisely.

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Facebook Save allows you to hold on to posts you care about


Have you ever been on Facebook and seen a post you're interested in but don't have the time to look at properly at that exact moment?

It's an issue that most of us have encountered, and this one post will only end up being buried further and further down in the news feed as the day goes on. To address this, Facebook is now rolling out an official 'Save' feature to all users over the next few days. And as the name suggests, Facebook Save allows you to save key post types you see so that you can view them later when you have the time.


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PlayStation 4 leads Xbox One in June despite Microsoft's price drop

NPD Group resized 600

In the race for Microsoft and Sony to outsell each other with their next-gen consoles, the NPD Group's latest hardware sales for June leaked - and the PlayStation 4 maintains a strong lead.

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Google finally drops its 'Real Name' policy

shutterstock 171257777 resized 600

Last week Google finally got rid of its real name policy, which users have loudly objected to since its introduction. Previously, Google services would try to pressure users into attaching their real names to their accounts, which many saw as invasive and unnecessary.

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Adidas was the winner of the 2014 World Cup

shutterstock 189717374 resized 600

Although Germany took home the World Cup this year, Adidas scored World Cup victory over Nike in the month-long marketing war. During the lead up and throughout the World Cup both Adidas and Nike were going crazy with their sponsorship, advertisements, YouTube videos and social media campaigns. The World Cup became the ultimate battle ground with Nike’s slogan being “Risk Everything” and Adidas's “All In or Nothing”. Overall, both brands had a combined market share in soccer of 70%.

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