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Bissell Symphony: the best product endorsement you will see this year


Product endorsements are great, but how believable are they?
Sure Kim Kardashian, I am sure you just love this new diet shake, but we also know someone paid you a bunch just to be sure that you totally adore it.

How can we endorse products in a believable way? Bissell, a cleaning appliance manufacturer used its very own senior brand manager to endorse their new product in a very creative way. Ravi Dalchand took the Symphony vacuum/steam mop down to Bay and Bloor subway station, one of the busiest in Toronto, and put it to use.

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5 things we might know about Windows 9


The internet is abuzz with rumours and speculation surrounding Microsoft's next Operating System, Windows 9. From a redesigned Start Menu to a complete re-name and re-branding, we've taken the liberty of collecting the most interesting information we know so far.

It is worth noting that some of the following information is based on 
rumour, and may not be true. 

1. New Start Menu

Controversially removed from Windows 8, Microsoft's Start Menu is making a comeback in Windows 9. Designed as a hybrid between the tile layout and classic menu, the Start Menu will have classic desktop icons on the left - such as those seen in XP, Vista, and Windows 7 - and the Windows 8 tiles on the right. 

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Facebook is testing posts that self-destruct


It looks as though Facebook's obsession with ephemeral messaging hasn't slowed down.

Ever since the ability to send messages that delete themselves was popularised by Snapchat, Facebook has been hungry to get in on the action. The company's first attempt came in the form of the failed and now-removed Poke app. This was followed by the company making an offer for Snapchat, which was shot down by Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel.

More recently, Facebook launched yet another ephemeral messaging app called Slingshot, which also hasn't gained much traction. Over on Facebook-owned Instagram's end, Bolt was released. It's too early to tell whether or not Bolt has been a success or failure, but it certainly hasn't been embraced the way Snapchat has.

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Ikea parodies Apple in latest BookBook catalogue ad


Oh Ikea, you cheeky, cheeky Swedes.
Not satisfied with furnishing my whole apartment with relatively affordable European-designed furniture, their marketing team has decided to spoof a well-known brand (from a completely different industry!) to advertise their new 2015 catalogue. You know that brand Apple?

It's not a digital book, or an e-book. It's a BookBook™. With no cables or eternal battery life, no-lag scrolling and easy to share functions, the Ikea catalogue promises to heighten users experience with 'simple and intuitive technology'. Unlike the iCloud hacking scandal, there's voice activated security -  a simple "Back off buddy" or "Hey, that's mine" will suffice. Bookmarking ideas has now become tactile, simply dog-ear the pages. No matter how long you have the BookBook™ closed for, you'll quickly be able to find your high-resolution image.

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"One more thing..." - Apple unveils the Apple Watch


Apple's event may have brought two new iPhones to the table, but perhaps the more interesting announcement was the Apple Watch.

For the first time in history as CEO, Tim Cook used the phrase "One more thing", which was popularised by Steve Jobs as a way of leading into a key announcement about new, notably more innovative products or services on Apple's end.

Regardless of whether or not the iPhone announcements really meant much to you, it's hard to deny that Apple's first foray into the smart watch market is impressive. In fact, it could be one of the best debut smart watches to come from any tech company.

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Apple unveils the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus


After months of rumours and long-running speculation, Apple finally unveiled its newest iterations of the iPhone.

Coming in two flavours, both the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus are essentially the same device, but with one key difference - size. Collectively, however, both phones offer a few notable changes that bring them more in-line with their competitors.

While Apple did also unveil its first-ever smart watch, this article will focus on the iPhones. I will have an article for the Apple Watch up this afternoon.

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Alzheimer's Australia begins month-long awareness campaign


For the month of September, Alzheimer's Australia are working to increase awareness of dementia in Australia through a TV awareness campaign.
The 30-second spot by Ward6 features shots of a briefcase that has been left in various locations with a voice-over saying: "There's a difference between forgetting something once and forgetting it many times. There's a different between forgetfulness and dementia."

The ad, which aired for the first time on Sunday, is also aiming to drive calls to the National Dementia Helpline. No doubt this will be done by tugging at people's heartstrings, which seems to be the most effective way to reach the Australian audience for serious issues (remember BeyondBlue's 'Stop. Think. Respect.' campaign?).

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Can Apple impress with the iPhone 6?


In a couple of days, the next iteration(s) of Apple's flagship iPhone will be unveiled. But while there was a time where a new iPhone reveal was associated with exciting innovations in the mobile space, this hasn't exactly been the case in recent years. Regardless of whether you're a devout iPhone fan or not, it's hard to deny that recent iterations have been more about smaller, fundamental improvements than major game-changing features.

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Brand awareness: What does it take to create a catchy jingle?


It's marketing 101, but I feel like we don’t give enough attention to the humble jingle. The jingle is simple, oft-forgotten, but highly effective.

With radio and TV advertising on the decline, jingles just aren’t getting the airtime they deserve. With videos on both Facebook and Instagram, and the option for audio on most digital ads, there’s still plenty of room in the world for a good old fashioned, catchy jingle. They are an easy way to convey short snippets of information and embed them deep into your audience’s memory. So what does it take to find success in the ancient art of the jingle?


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The celebrity photo hack - how to secure your iCloud account


Hitting headlines this week was the story of how over 100 female celebrities' intimate photos have been leaked and shared on 4chan.

Moral discussions of nude photos aside, actresses such as Jennifer Lawrence and Kirsten Dunst have been the victims of an extreme invasion of privacy. Reports have speculated that the culprit, who is 'on the run', used a glitch in the 'Find my iPhone' app to hack into the celebrities' iCloud accounts, enabling access to their private (and, in some cases, deleted) photos.

Apple has quietly released a patch for the function, with a spokesperson telling MailOnline "We take user privacy very seriously and are actively investigating this report."  

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