3 Clever Emotive Ad Campaigns

Posted by Ted Tabet on Fri, Mar 04, 2016 @ 02:58 PM


Emotions help us connect with one another. They inspire us to act and can also be a powerful marketing tool when targeted at particular feelings. When we come across a story that’s different or special, we want to share it with our friends immediately.

Different emotions have varying levels of physiological stimulation. High arousal emotions such as anger or shock spurs us into action. Conversely, low arousal emotions such as melancholy or sadness discourage action.

So the key is to focus on igniting high arousal emotions, so your audience will be motivated to share it. 

Google rarely share ads, but when they do they are normally flawless. When floodwaters hit northeast Australia, Mark Kepton's innovative search method became the difference between life and death for many of his neighbours. The youtube video explores the ways in which emotional content stimulates a positive response.

The true aim of this ad was to highlight the power of an application over search and rescue technology and in doing so made all viewers feel like if ever in a life threatening position, applications can be powerful. 

Nike are another well versed advertiser. To touch on emotional buttons they released a campaign that targeted the common athlete. Stirring feelings of inclusion and an underlying message of 'greatness being in everyone' empowers the brand and activates everyones inner need to compete.

That’s the insight behind this youtube campaign, a powerful message to inspire anyone who wanted to achieve their own moment of greatness in sport.


Camera brand Cannon again aimed to engage their customers with an emotional advert. Their punchline 'There are no limits to what an image can do' urge photographers to surpass the conventional idea of using a camera and to open themselves up to the bigger picture (no pun intended).

Their campaign highlights heritage and longevity pushing people to believe that somehow, somewhere their cameras have helped budding filmmakers bring their vision to the big scree, a realistic, accessible notion. 

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