Email Marketing - What NOT to do in 2020

Posted by Samuel Cooper on Tue, Feb 25, 2020 @ 04:32 PM


How do you get the most out of your email marketing campaigns? Unsure why you aren’t getting the results you desire?

Here is what NOT to do in your email marketing campaigns in 2020. Before we dive into the good stuff, let's discuss why you should stick with the tried-and-tested email.

Email marketing has been a stalwart of digital marketing since before the dot com boom. Often times going through stages of irrelevance and prominence. Even as marketing - and digital marketing specifically - has rapidly evolved, email’s place in the marketing sphere has remained.

You might hear industry commentators proclaim that social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are the future for converting leads and ensuring a consistent stream of prospects entering your funnel. While these are fantastic avenues for the modern marketer, it still misses one key aspect - you need an email address to sign-up to a social media platform.

With as many as 4.9 billion active email addresses in 2019 and 99% of people checking their emails daily, email is here to stay. This doesn’t even take into account the cost effective nature of emails, the ability to be highly personal and its convenience.

Let's look at email marketing and what NOT to do in 2020.


Subject Lines

The first thing you see when you open your email account is the headline. If these are impersonal, vague or unrelated to the company, do you think you’ll open that email? Subject lines make or break email marketing campaigns, it’s so incredibly important to nail this.

Personalisation of subject lines in particular help connect the reader with what is being sold or discussed in the email, it’s not a bad idea to throw in an emoji for a bit of extra spice. Make sure you don’t overuse capital letters, emojis and special characters like !, ?, #, $, *.


Don’t Ignore Mobile Users

In 2018, 46% of all email opens came from mobile users, or 2.1 billion users. It’s not overly difficult to optimise emails for mobile viewing, but it can have great benefits for your campaign success. If mobile is not part of your email marketing strategy then now is the time to integrate.


Email Designs

It is not a good idea to rest on your laurels and avoid developing and innovating your email designs. An email newsletter with a highly engaging, personalised subject line, a beautiful and informative infographic, exciting copy and an accurately placed and visually appealing CTA is exciting to look at and read.

Take this example from Adobe. It is visually appealing, contains succinct copy and a clear easy to spot call-to-action.


Screen Shot 2020-02-19 at 2.08.31 pm


One Size Fits All Approach

One of the biggest benefits that comes from email marketing is the ability to be highly personal and relevant to the user. The same email does not appeal to all of your readers, yet only 11% of email campaigns are segmented for different readers and not taking advantage of email’s strengths.

This segmentation can be as complex, or as easy, as you would like but know that segmenting your audience and crafting emails for each segment will lead to higher open rates and more conversions.

Are you not sure how to define and segment your audience? Need help with mobile email optimisation? Just not happy with your email marketing results?


Why not get in touch with us at Margin Media and see how we can help your business grow.

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