G20 wrap-up: what people said about the Summit on social media

Posted by David Murton on Mon, Nov 17, 2014 @ 12:16 PM

G20 is officially over, and now Brisbanites can relax as the city gets back to normal.

The historic weekend, which saw of the world's most powerful economic leaders come to Brisbane, brought with it plenty of memorable moments - some good, some bad. As the world's eyes were focused on the city and its political guests, many took to Twitter and other social networks to voice their opinions on G20 and what was achieved.


G20 social media trends

Throughout the duration of G20, QUT ran a G20 Twitter leaderboard, in which they analysed what people were posting out, from where they were posting, and who they were referring to during their posts. The below 'Brisbane G20 World Leaders Leaderboard (14-16 November)', shows the top 4 trending countries/world leaders.


It's not surprising that Barack Obama topped the leaderboard, with a substantial number of the tweets related to him being posted in and around the grounds of UQ, where he delivered his hour-long speech on Saturday. The controversy surrounding Russian president Vladimir Putin was not lost, with a large number of social media mentions putting him in second place. A large chunk of these posts came from the area surrounding the Hilton Hotel, where Putin stayed, and King George Square, where an anti-Putin protest was held.

Tony Abbott came in third, with mentions of him having no specific location-based patterns; although a general mention of Australia's Prime Minister throughout Brisbane more or less makes sense. Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, came in fourth, with a clear number of mentions coming from Caxton Street in Paddington. This, of course, results from the fact that Merkel decided to spend a night relaxing in the area on Friday night and took selfies with locals.

In addition to the above (and other) G20 map, QUT also put together a 'Hypometer' showing the trend of different countries' mentions. Below is a screenshot of the top 5.


Throughout the G20, hashtags such as #putin, #brisbane, #g20, #auspol and #obama trended.


Tweets during G20

There were thousands of tweets that occurred during the G20 weekend, so narrowing them down to just a few is tough. However, some key themes started to show themselves throughout the wall of tweets, which included critcisms of Putin, praise for Barack Obama's speech (particularly the part relating to taking action on climate change), and a noted amount of confusion and embarrassment over Abbott's complaints that he couldn't get a $7 co-payment through parliament. As always, however, there was humour there, too.







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