5 simple reasons your business should be on Instagram

Posted by Madeleine Richards on Thu, Apr 17, 2014 @ 01:00 PM

instagramDespite being one of the biggest social networking platforms around, many brands big and small still believe that Instagram has no place in their marketing plan. This is particularly seen if the brand does not have a physical or visual product.

However, by not engaging, companies are missing out on enormous opportunities created through the social networking account. Here are five simple reasons why every brand should have an Instagram account, and how it can be used for their marketing advantage.

1. It has a huge following - and it's FREE

How much would your brand pay to have access to over 200 million active potential consumers worldwide? With instagram, it’s free and available on your smart phone and tablet! With a growing number of users worldwide, Instagram allows for brands to establish themselves anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Furthermore, because it is a primarily visual platform, companies can still interact despite language barriers with the use of images and videos.

2. Creates a virtual window shop

Due to its image and video-sharing features, Instagram is the perfect place to showcase your product or service. You can share photos of new product/service features, cite celebrities using your product, and show where your followers can get your product now.

Don’t have a visual product? Get creative! Use the video option to create short step-by-step tutorials, or conduct interviews about the experience your brand provides. The opportunities are endless when you think outside the box.

3. It takes users behind the scenes

Nothing draws customers in like exclusivity, such as behind-the-scenes footage and sneak peeks. Instagram allows this, without being limited by geographical location. By using the platform to take consumers behind the scenes, firms can provide sneak peeks, show how products are made, and create a more personal relationship between them and their followers. By engaging with human curiosity, your followers will become more invested in your company, as they cannot wait to see what’s next.

4. Easy, personal engagement with customers

Due to its intrinsically personal nature, Instagram allows for in-depth analysis of your firm's customers, and how your product can fit into their everyday life. By monitoring hashtags and the images produced by consumers, brands can jump on trends created by their customers before they hit the mainstream. Greek yoghurt company Chobani, which has over 81,000 followers, explains: “We want to be where our consumers are. We’re on the platform every day so we know what’s trending. If our consumers are posting about smoothies, we are, too. We want to be doing what they’re doing.”

From this, Chiboni has been able to create its own trending hashtag, #creationday, showing how their yoghurt can be used as the main ingredient in anything from doughnuts, cheesecake, to pasta.

5. Easy to promote and feature

Instagram also allows for easy cross-promotion by both consumers and the brand itself. Encourage your followers to tag themselves using your products, and track them using your chosen hashtag. This can be done particularly well for clothing companies, using the #OOTD (outfit of the day or, sometimes, offer of the day) hashtag.

Many Instagrammers now post photos of their daily outfits, with links for everything from their pants to their coffee. This again establishes your brand’s presence, indicating how it fits into everyday life. Just don’t forget to return the favour. Have a particularly influential follower using your products? Repost a picture of them using your product, linking back to both your and their accounts. This will create a mutually beneficial promotion for both of you, and lends to potential future collaboration.


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