Nike uses its marketing to boost Brazil's spirits for The Olympics

Posted by Kathleen Noon on Tue, Aug 05, 2014 @ 05:50 AM

Brazil's loss in the World Cup last month was understandably devastating, so Nike has taken it upon themselves to bring their spirits up by looking ahead to The Olympics in their recent marketing campaign. The minute long ad, entitled Tomorrow Starts Now, features Brazillian athletes competing in their various sports.

Instead of focusing on the devout football fans of the athletically talented nation, Nike has turned the spotlight on the events that Brazil is expected to do well in at the 2016 Olympics. After that embarrassing 7-1 loss against Germany in the semi-finals, Nike is encouraging Brazil and the world to return to Rio de Janeiro in two years with great faith in the Brazillian team.

Weiden + Kennedy São Paulo delivered the piece and have packed it with great and diverse talent from beach volleyball siblings Clara and Carol Salgado to Yane Marquez, who won the bronze in the pentathalon at London 2012.

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Rio 2016 is already on our minds thanks to Nike's new ad.

Once again, Nike is ahead of the curve in its release of this inspirational ad, reminding the world that strength is not measured by success but by carrying on past defeat. If this doesn't help Brazil get back in the game, we hope that it can at least remind them that the extent of their talent stretches past the confines of the soccer field.


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