Want a new tattoo? How about an NFC tag?

Posted by Bryden Bostock on Wed, Aug 06, 2014 @ 05:50 AM

Yes you are reading the title correctly. Last year Motorola released the Moto Skip, a little tag you keep clipped on your pocket that allows you to wave your Moto X over the clip to unlock it. A pretty nifty little feature for Moto X owners and those who like to modify their devices (those who own rooted devices).


Now Motorola has gone one step further and created a temporary tattoo NFC tag which you put on your arm and use to unlock your phone.

Working with Vivalink, they've made the NFC Tattoo Tag (Tattag?) that wears off after 5 days and will even last in the shower or throughout excercise.

Sounds impressive, right? On the surface, absolutely and it's definitely a feat of engineering, but it seems kind of limited just being for unlocking your phone. I mean, does it really make all the difference? The tag actually doesn't seem that much quicker and frankly you'd look a little silly doing it. 

Plus, with smart watches soon to be ramping up their game with the release of Android Wear, specifically the Moto 360, why not just use the wearable to unlock it?

I think the applications for a tag like this would be amazing if used in other contexts but it does seem to be a road to human barcodes and chips with our identities on them. Something that conspiracy theorists would have a field day over. 

For things like medical bracelets or night club passes, it would be a great use as you could have scanners to automatically bring up the information. Even event tickets would be useful as once the tag is on, it stays on. No lost tickets.

What do you think of the NFC tag tatoo? Good idea or bad? Let me know in the comments below.


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