uBeam: charge your device from across the room

Posted by Bryden Bostock on Sat, Aug 16, 2014 @ 05:50 AM

Wireless charging isn't new. It's been around for a few years now and it's not exactly hard to do. I've got a wirelessly charging Galaxy Note 3, albeit via a charging dock and wireless card.

Usually it works great but there are a few downfalls. I can't use a case as this would put the card out of range and if I don't align it quite right it will make a little buzz every 10 seconds or so to let me know that it's not quite sure if it's charging or not. 

This might soon be a thing of the past, however. In fact, cords might be a thing of the past as a new company called uBeam aims to eliminate cords and charge devices wirelessly from across the room.


uBeam, to put it very simply, works by converting electricity into audio, sending that via a transmitter in the charger to the device, which then reconverts that audio into an electrical signal.

uBeam's creator, Meredith Perry, said the idea came to her as she was rolling up her laptop cord one night. 

In a quote to the New York Times, Perry said: “I was just standing in my room, wrapping up my laptop charger and trying to fit it into my bag and suddenly it occurred to me: Wow, this is so archaic. Why are we using these 20-foot wires to plug in our quote-unquote wireless devices?

The company has been working towards a working prototype that could be seen as viable to consumers, and earlier this month a working model was revealed. 

Whilst the video above shows that there are still some initial hiccups to overcome, the idea is a feasible one - and an interesting one at that. This probably won't be replacing traditional cords any time soon, but given a few years it's quite possible it will catch on.


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