5 Rules to Remember with Lead Nurturing Emails

Posted by David Murton on Thu, Nov 29, 2012 @ 01:56 PM

email-meSo you've got some leads that you want to nurture down the sales funnel through via email marketing efforts?

If you want to be successful, there are some absolute musts that you need to employ to ensure that you maintain the interest and trust of your leads and give them reasons to want to invest in your products or services.


1. You must be able to show them you know them

If you want to successfully nurture leads via email, then form emails without any sense of personalisation simply will not cut it under any circumstances. Beyond using dynamic tags to insert your lead's name and other valuable information into the copy, a big factor of lead nurturing you should take on is segementation.

First of all, find out how each of your leads actually become leads. Did they download a certain ebook, sign up for a webinar, subscribe to your blog? By knowing what made them convert, you can design your emails to speak more accurately to what you know are their active interests. By doing so, they'll find your emails more engaging and worth looking at.


2. Prove you care about their needs / want to know their needs

There's a big difference between segmenting your emails to make them more effectively reflect your leads' interests and also being able to show your leads that you care about their needs. Offering relevant content is just one move, then there's also communicating with your leads that you'd like to help them out with any questions where possible.

In your emails, you could leave a prompt that encourages them to ask questions that you will answer in FAQ blogs or follow-up emails. What's important is that you actually show that what they want and need matters to you, and not just on a sales level.


3. Offers

In each lead nurturing email you send out, you should be making sure that you include CTAs to offers that would be relevant to your respective leads. It's important to remember that what offers you include should reflect not only their interests but how far down in the sales funnel they are. Depending on where they are and what other offers they've accepted in the past, you should be able to design your next batch of offers accordingly.

For example, if someone downloaded an ebook called "An Introductory Marketing Guide to Facebook", it wouldn't make sense to then offer them an ebook entitled "7 Steps to Great Web Design". A better choice would be to offer another social media-related ebook or a follow-up Facebook Marketing guide that deals with more advanced marketing efforts.

As they progress down the sales funnel, your offers can start to take on a sales focus, but it's important to balance these sales-focused offers with other free offers, whether they're ebooks, webinars or product demos.


4. Trust

Trust will play a big role in determining whether or not a lead will become an actual sale for your business. Sure, you may have earned a lead from an extremely helpful ebook, but what would happen if the next offer you hand them is less than stellar? What if you have a link to a blog you've written that is of poor quality and clearly tooks stats from another source without any recognition?

Trust comes down to being able to prove your business is serious and professional. When I mention being serious, I don't mean being humourless. What I'm saying is you need to prove to your leads that your business is focused, honest, efficient and trustworthy. You can't achieve that with extreme differences in the actual quality of your offers and other content.

Maintaining a professional image and doing all you can to prove your industry knowledge is paramount in earning a lead's trust. So avoid haphazard content creation - make sure all of it is worthy of their time.


5. You want to help them

In the second point I spoke about showing your leads you care about their needs, which covers a bit of what could be spoken about here, but this is such an important point that it's worthy of reiteration and clarification.

Yes, you want sales. You want to make a profit. But if you make it sound like all you want to do is help yourself, then you will lose leads fast. Because the truth is your leads care about their wants and needs. They don't lay awake at night fretting over your business. They worry their problems and want solutions to them. And that's how all of us are.

I go into a shop to buy a product for me or as a present for others. I don't go in there, thinking, "I can't wait to give this business my money."

The main point is that you should never assume that it is okay for you to express that anything your leads choose to do will be good for your business. You want to reiterate how it will be good for them. How will that product benefit them? How will your services make their life easier?


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