4 mistakes to avoid with social media marketing

Posted by David Murton on Fri, Jan 24, 2014 @ 12:00 PM

social-media-phoneWhen you utilise it correctly, social media marketing can lead to positive results for your business; be it engagement, brand awareness, leads or customers.

When used incorrectly, however, social media marketing can prove an absolute disaster for your business. In a way, a scoial media marketing disaster is something businesses and marketers create for themselves and, conversely, it's something they can both resolve and steer clear of in the future.

In this article, I will be listing five notable social media marketing missteps that could cost you valued customers and success.


1. Your social media presence and voice are inconsistent

When it comes to social media, an inconsistent presence is a very bad thing. It's not enough to make a dozen posts on Monday and then assume that will sustain your business throughout the week. Posts on social media get lost in the noise of all the other myriad posts very quickly. But it's not just a matter of ensuring you're popping up in people's timelines or news feeds on a nice, regular basis - it's also the nature of engagement. If you post and engage with your fans consistently, you'll stay in the forefronts of their mind.

Another thing you need to keep consistent on social media is your voice. This is the personality you want to give your business across the social media landscape. While the voice may alter slightly dependent on the platform (for example, you may adhere to a more professional voice on LinkedIn whereas your Facebook voice is more casual), it must be maintained. Inconsistency in voice can confuse and alienate your fans/followers.


2. You ignore your fans and followers

Your business is not going to benefit from simply throwing posts out there but then refusing to respond to fans or followers. And the less you properly engage with your audience, the less you'll be able to maintain their interests.

If a fan asks a question, offer an answer. If a huge discussion starts in response to something you post, follow-up and join in on the comments. It's about being personable and showing your fans you're happy to get in on a conversation. It humanises your business and earns you a boost in likability.


3. Over-reliance on automation

There's nothing wrong with automating posts from time to time, but it's certainly not something you should become heavily reliant on - especially automated posts that people can tell have been pre-written, such as a form post about your website's latest article.

What you need to do is have a balance between automation and real-time posting. Even though it's a balance, you should always have the scales tipped in favour of real-time posting. That's because real-time posting is more natural, and it will come out that way to your audience more than what automated posts will.

Also, automation can lead to marketing apathy, causing marketers to not worry about keeping an eye on the activity occurring on their pages and, consequently, forgetting to engage with their audience and moderate any offensive comments.


4. Inappropriate newsjacking

It's important to be mindful of the problematic side to newsjacking, in particular that of newsjacking inappropriate content. You need to know where to stop with newsjacking.

Because it is never okay to use a natural disaster or other tragic event to try and boost sales for your business. You will come off as callous and tacky - and that's a justified viewed. The only time you should ever newsjack such stories is when you're offering your condolences or help.


What other missteps do you think should be avoided? Share them with us in the comments below.

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* Image source: Jason A. Howie

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