5 reasons why the NRL are leading the way in social media

Posted by Mat Lewis on Wed, May 27, 2015 @ 01:25 PM


State of Origin 2015 is upon us. Referred to as Australian sport's greatest rivalry, State of Origin is one of Australia’s premiere sporting events, attracting a huge TV audience and crowds. It is the pinnacle of rugby league. 'State Vs State, Mate Vs Mate', there is no other competition like it.

We here at Margin Media are big fans of how well the NRL uses social media, and today we look at five content types the NRL uses to activate its fans around the biggest event of the year.


1. Game Day Hashtags

Hashtags have become an essential part of successful marketing campaigns, and no organisation does it better than the NRL. The NRL gives both sets of fans the ability to join in on the conversation with official Origin hashtags; not only for the main event, but also for their respective states. The hashtags, along with a Call-to-Action featuring both captains, are across all social media accounts and also emailed to all fans who are on the NRL database.



Using quotes on your social media accounts is a great way of helping your fans connect with the meaning and message behind your brand - and, in this case, State of Origin. Fans love engaging with these kinds of posts. 


3. Infographics

Consumers love infographics. They are visually stimulating and allow you to digest information quickly. Visual content is king on social media and, according to Hubspot, presenters who use visual language were perceived by audiences as more effective than those not using visuals.

What the NRL does well with its infographics is focus on a timely, valuable topic that everyone is talking about. In this case, it's the size of the NSW bench. 


4. Video

Video is a powerful medium to share stories, evoke emotion and drive action. Video uploaded to Facebook or Twitter is an increasingly important part of the news feed. Brands can take note on how often the NRL posts engaging video to build anticipation and delights its fans with gameday highlights. Facebook statistics show that there have been, on average, more than 1 billion video views on facebook every day.

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5. User generated content (UGC)

UGC generates instant social media amplification and increases fan engagement. The NRL has always been big in this space with the introduction of its Mission Control Centre and Final Series Social Media Booths in 2013, generating record social buzz and really setting the benchmark in Australia.

But what about Player Generated Content? A lot of NRL players have massive followings on social media, which gives fans a backstage VIP pass to what’s going on in camp. The NRL has been great at re-posting these player posts to, again, generate more reach and engagement and really build anticipation to tonight’s main event.



In tonight’s game, expect the #Origin hashtags to trend globally and #QLDER to pip #UpTheBlues in a thriller at ANZ Stadium in Sydney.

Go the Maroons! #QLDER, #CheerMaroons, #Origin.


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