5 Trade Secrets To Improve Your Website's Conversion Rate

Posted by Sarah Phipps on Wed, Nov 06, 2019 @ 01:38 PM

Wondering where to start with conversion optimisation? We're about to let you in on a few little known trade secrets. 

If you’re wanting to improve the performance of your website, what you’re really wanting is to improve your conversion rate. Many marketers become obsessed with the idea of driving new visitors to their page - but what good are those visitors if they’re just sitting around, twiddling their thumbs? After all, the motivation for your marketing should be to get people to take action, and for you to gain new leads. This is what will actually produce a profitable revenue for your business.

You might be thinking that the process of improving your conversion rate is going to be costly, but in fact, it’s quite the opposite. It’s entirely possible to increase the conversion rate on your website through organic marketing, without spending much money, and still see results.

A great digital marketing campaign will get a lot of people to take a conversion action - but an ineffective campaign won’t. You need to know what works with your audience, and what doesn’t. What are their wants? Needs? Expectations? Their pain points? There’s a lot to consider!

If you’re not sure where to start, there’s no need to worry. You’ve come to the right place. Margin Media has compiled their 5 trade secrets to improve your website’s conversion rate. Read on to find out where to start!


Create An Engaging CTA

It’s proven that 90% of website visitors that read a headline will also read your CTA. Don’t waste your opportunity! Low conversion rates could be due to an outdated CTA that’s duller than your grandma’s drapes. Set the scene for your website visitors - make sure the CTA you’re using is engaging, unique and welcoming.

Use Compelling Copy

It’s an unfortunate fact - but sometimes your visitors are looking for a reason not to trust you. A surefire way to ensure they won’t trust you is by using copy with misspelt words, bad grammar, and repetitive language. Don’t overload your readers with information, especially in the first paragraph of your landing page. And most of all, don’t treat them like they’re stupid. Make sure the copy you’re writing is actually providing value, and not wasting their time.


Build Trust and Credibility

Third party validation is an essential part of users building trust with your website. Things like testimonials and positive reviews sprinkled across your page will endorse your services and/or products and allow visitors to really start to build a relationship with you and what you do. Press mentions are another great way to do this - if another well respected website or blog page has mentioned you somewhere, it’s a great opportunity for you to show off what they think of you.

Use Custom Images

There’s nothing that will make a new visitor cringe more than noticing a bunch of random, stock sourced images littered across your page. Good images will increase readership, but random images won’t. Make sure your images are conveying your value - the time and effort spent creating high quality, custom images for your website will prove to be invaluable in the future if you’re wanting to generate more leads.


Remember To Optimise Your Home Page

Last, but certainly not least, check that your homepage is being used effectively. The home page is what makes a first impression on your website visitors - and is also an opportunity for you to retain those visitors, and guide them deeper into your website and closer to converting. Emphasize links to product information, offer free and easy signups, or even provide a chat function that visitors can use as they browse.

You could also consider installing something like Hotjar - a software that provides interactive heatmaps of your users clicks and actions, recordings of their sessions, and gathering of their words from survey and feedback polls to help you build a strong, data-backed understanding of what exactly people are using your site for, and how they're using it.


Looking for more ways to improve your website conversion rate? We’ve got plenty more where those came from! If improving your business’s ROI and gaining new leads sounds exciting to you, reach out to us by clicking the link below and find out how we can help.

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