7 Top Cyber Monday Campaigns for Ecommerce

Posted by Claire Matthews on Tue, Nov 09, 2021 @ 02:41 PM


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Cyber Monday is a great opportunity to drive sales for your ecommerce business. But, with so much competition, how will you make your campaign stand out from the crowd?

Cyber Monday, held on Monday 29 November, follows on from the Black Friday sales. It’s becoming the most popular online sales event of the year, and a massive opportunity for ecommerce retailers. 

If you want to get in on this trend, you need to start preparing your Cyber Monday ecommerce campaign now. 

So, why should you run a Cyber Monday campaign?

Much more than simply a sales event, Cyber Monday has the potential to build brand awareness and generate new customers for your brand. With the right campaign, you can leverage the event to build relationships with loyal customers. 

A well-executed campaign can have lasting impacts for your business, long after the sales have ended. All you need is the right strategy to get started. 

What does an effective Cyber Monday campaign look like?

To make an impact on Cyber Monday, create a campaign that:

  • Leverages social proof
  • Excites people to share on socials
  • Gathers contact details for future marketing
  • Fits your brand
  • Integrates email & SMS marketing
  • Includes catchy content

We’re showing you the top 7 best practice Cyber Monday campaigns for some inspiration. Implement some of these ideas into your campaign to see your sales soar and build ongoing loyalty with your customers. 

  1. Host a virtual event: Hosting a virtual event over the Black Friday/ Cyber Monday weekend can be a great way to engage with your customers and stand out from the crowd. For example, MeUndies hosted an event on Facebook Live for their 2016 Black Friday campaign that attracted more than 13,000 viewers, who converted at a rate of 25%. The event included a DJ and dance contests, and viewers had access to significant discounts.
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  2. Partner with an Influencer: If you’re looking for a way to cut through the noise on social media, partnering with an influencer to promote your brand is the way to go. In the lead-up to the Black Friday/ Cyber Monday sales, find an influencer to mention your products. This builds social proof for your brand and convinces buyers that your products are a must-have. For example, Kopari Beauty shared influencer gift lists on Instagram featuring their new season products to build excitement for the sales.
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  3. Offer something exclusive: Make sure your Cyber Monday campaign offers an exclusive deal that customers can’t usually purchase. For example, launching limited editions of your products creates a sense of novelty and urgency, encouraging your customers to buy. For their Cyber Monday sale in 2018, shoe brand Allbirds released a limited edition sneaker that sold out quickly.
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  4. Create a Sense of Community: If you’re looking to develop lasting relationships with your customers, then it could be worth investing in something different than a sales campaign. For example, REI opted out of Black Friday in 2015, closing their stores for the day, and instead encouraged staff and customers to spend the day outdoors. The resulting campaign created a community of adventurers and created a bond with the brand year-round.

  5. Leverage FOMO: Fear of Missing Out tactics can be hugely successful for competitive sales events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. For example, offering exclusive deals or early access to discounts for your subscribers makes them feel valued. A great way to do this is through launching an email campaign like Steve Madden did to share news about upcoming deals and create a sense of urgency.

  6. Donate to a Cause: Another way to leverage social proof and improve your brand’s reputation is through donating some of your Cyber Monday profit to a worthy cause. Whether it’s for sustainability, social justice, or helping those in need, donating to a cause can improve how customers view your brand. This will also encourage them to make a purchase. For example, fashion brand Ivory Ella created a Giving Tuesday campaign, where for every beanie that was purchased, 100% of the profits went to children in need.
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  7. Partner with another Brand: Brand partnerships are a great way to make some noise in the sales season. For example, sustainable sock brand Bombas partnered with Sesame Street in 2018 to create a series of themed socks for Cyber Monday. The exclusive socks with favourite characters on them sold quickly. A partnership is a creative way to grow brand awareness and sales for both businesses. 


Is your business ready for Cyber Monday?

To make the most of the Cyber Monday sales, your business needs to be prepared. Here’s some top tips to get ready:

Prepare your Content:

  • Create a content calendar to get organised
  • Plan out copy and visuals for social posts, emails, SMS and blogs
  • Create specific landing pages for your sales

Prepare your Shop:

  • Prepare your website technically: ensure your website is updated, runs smoothly, and will be able to cope with increased traffic on the day
  • Ensure your Shopify shop is ready to go & that checkout process is simple (hint: there are Shopify apps that can make it easier)
  • Prepare delivery: ensure you have enough of your products in stock and that your shipping and delivery systems will be able to cope with the increase volume of sales

Follow these tips and best practices to create a killer campaign for your brand for Cyber Monday. This is your biggest chance to drive sales for your ecommerce business before Christmas, so don’t miss out. 

Looking for more advice on Black Friday? Check out our recent blog about how to run a successful campaign. 

Need help to supercharge your marketing efforts for your ecommerce business? Talk to Margin. 

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