Australian Internet and Social Media Statistics October 2018

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Both WhatsApp and Snapchat made big leaps in number of users in Australia this October. With new iPhones released to the market, the marketshare of both iOS and the Safari web browser increased.

It's been a big month for technology, as October often is. It is dubbed Techtober for a reason. New iPhones, new Google Pixel, and various other phones and gadgets. But October also had a number of much bigger and more important stories.

Here’s what you need to know for October:

  • Privacy-focused search engine DuckDuckGo revealed that they have hit 30 million daily searches, up 50% from the previous year. While still a miniscule amount compared to Google's 3.5 billion per day, it is great news for those who want to protect their digital footprints from prying eyes. With privacy concerns very much part of the public conversation, DuckDuckGo is likely to continue growing.

  • Speaking of privacy, Facebook is in hot water again (surprise, surprise). Business Insider revealed that they had ran two fake ads on Facebook and listed them as paid for by the controversial political consultancy company Cambridge Analytica, despite the fact that the company is now both defunct and banned entirely from Facebook.

  • Social media site Google+ was announced to be shutting down due to a large security breach that potentially exposed the personal information of around 500,000 accounts. In reality, the website was already drawing its last breaths, with dwindling popularity (which wasn't high to begin with) and 90% of Google+ sessions lasting no more than 5 seconds.

  • Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen passed away on October 15. He reportedly died from complications of non-Hodgkins lymphoma, a type of cancer that he had previously defeated twice. He was 65 years old.

Australian Facebook Statistics

(Please note: With the statistics related to the 3 Most Liked Brands, we source this information from Socialbakers - based on Brands and Australian Facebook fans only. We then prioritise the Australian arms of a brand if a brand appears more than once in the top 3 - e.g. we show the numbers for the McDonald's Australia page, not the American McDonald's page. If ever you notice a sudden fluctuation in numbers or completely different brand pages in the top 3, keep in mind we're basing this simply off what Socialbakers reports at the time. These statistics are available to anyone with a Facebook account.) 

Active Users: 15,000,000 (consistent)
Penetration of Population: 60% (based off the Australian Bureau of Statistics' latest population estimate: 24.6 million)
3 Most Liked Brands

1. Nick Cheadle Fitness (1,809,691)

2. McDonald’s (1,306,121)

3. Coles (1,290,521)


Australian Social Media Statistics (Other)

Twitter: 4,700,000 monthly users (consistent)
LinkedIn: 4,500,000 monthly users (consistent)
WhatsApp: 7,000,000 monthly users ()
Snapchat: 6,400,000 monthly users ()
Instagram: 9,000,000 monthly users (consistent)
YouTube: 15,000,000 monthly visitors (consistent)


Australian Desktop Internet Browsers (% Market Share)

Chrome: 68.55% 
Safari: 9.65%
Firefox: 7.12% 
Edge: 6.75% 
Internet Explorer: 6.28% 
Opera: 0.72% 


Australian Search Engines - All Devices: Desktop, Mobile, Tablet, Console (% Market Share)

Google: 95.4% 
All the rest: 4.6% 


Australian Mobile Operating Systems (% Market Share)

iOS: 61.17% 
Android: 38.34% 
Windows Phone: 0.17% 
All the rest:



Australian Mobile Browsers (% Market Share)

Safari: 56.84% ↑
Chrome: 34.01% ↓
Samsung Internet:

5.55% ↓


0.82% ↓

All the rest: 3.78% 


Australian Desktop vs Mobile vs Tablet Usage (% Market Share)

Desktop: 54.95% ↑
Mobile: 34.84% ↓
Tablet 10.21% ↓

* Statistics are current at time of publishing

** Statistics sourced from:

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