Australian Internet and Social Media Statistics November 2018

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In the world of Social Media there is always new technology features and news; November is no exceptions. Instagram rolled out their new feature 'Your Activity' to track your app usage, Facebook updated Messenger to allow users to delete sent messages and Amazon re-opened it's entire store for Aussies. 

Here’s what you need to know for November:

  • Amazon has also re-opened their US store for Australian customers just in time for Christmas. Now Aussies can shop the full Amazon store in all of its glory. 


Australian Facebook Statistics

(Please note: With the statistics related to the 3 Most Liked Brands, we source this information from Socialbakers - based on Brands and Australian Facebook fans only. We then prioritise the Australian arms of a brand if a brand appears more than once in the top 3 - e.g. we show the numbers for the McDonald's Australia page, not the American McDonald's page. If ever you notice a sudden fluctuation in numbers or completely different brand pages in the top 3, keep in mind we're basing this simply off what Socialbakers reports at the time. These statistics are available to anyone with a Facebook account.) 

Active Users: 15,000,000 (consistent)
Penetration of Population: 60% (based off the Australian Bureau of Statistics' latest population estimate: 25 million)
3 Most Liked Brands

1. McDonald's (1,301,963)

2. Coles (1,121,638)

3. Red Bull (1,028,429)


Australian Social Media Statistics (Other)

Twitter: 4,700,000 monthly users (consistent)
LinkedIn: 4,500,000 monthly users (consistent)
WhatsApp: 7,000,000 monthly users (consistent)
Snapchat: 6,400,000 monthly users (consistent)
Instagram: 9,000,000 monthly users (consistent)
YouTube: 15,000,000 monthly visitors (consistent)


Australian Desktop Internet Browsers (% Market Share)

Chrome: 69.97% 
Safari: 8.71%
Firefox: 6.96% 
Edge: 6.71% 
Internet Explorer: 6.17% 
Opera: 0.71% 


Australian Search Engines - All Devices: Desktop, Mobile, Tablet, Console (% Market Share)

Google: 94.79%
All the rest: 5.21% 


Australian Mobile Operating Systems (% Market Share)

iOS: 66.29% 
Android: 33.17% 
Windows Phone: 0.20% 
All the rest:



Australian Mobile Browsers (% Market Share)

Safari: 61.34% ↑
Chrome: 28.46% ↓
Samsung Internet:




All the rest: 3.09% 


Australian Desktop vs Mobile vs Tablet Usage (% Market Share)

Desktop: 56.90% ↑
Mobile: 33.35% ↓
Tablet 9.75% ↓

* Statistics are current at time of publishing

** Statistics sourced from:

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