Australian Internet and Social Media Statistics (October 2017)

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It wasn’t just Halloween that people celebrated in October, there were plenty of big things happening in the world of social media.

 Here’s what happened in October:

  • Shopify announced that it would be opening up it’s Instagram integration to thousands of merchants leading up to Christmas. The new shopping feature allows tagging of products in a photo that are available for sale, and then letting users purchase them directly within the app. For eCommerce businesses, it’s definitely something to keep an eye on.

  • Twitter also announced that it would be launching a new bookmarking tool in the near future. The feature will allow you to “save” tweets for reading later, helping users keep a separate list of items they want to refer back to, instead of using the heart (aka “favourite”) button, which can indicate more of a “like” – similar to the “thumbs up” button on Facebook.

  • Facebook’s tests of an alternative News Feed dubbed the “Explore” feed have progressed to a full rollout, the company now confirms. Previously available on mobile devices in the main navigation, Facebook’s new Explore Feed is now appearing for users on the desktop as well.

  • LinkedIn unveiled a new smart reply feature in its messaging app, which gives users prompts with different phrases to use while they are chatting to keep the conversation flowing.

  • There have been rumours in the US of Facebook syndicating Instagram Stories to Facebook Stories. Now Facebook confirms this feature is officially rolling out, and everyone should have it soon if not already. The only exception is businesses, since they’re not allowed on Facebook Stories yet.

  • Facebook’s Workplace may have fallen off some people’s radar a year after it was released, but it’s announced that it now was 30,000 organisations using the platform and will soon launch a desktop app with new features like screen sharing and, in coming months, group video chat, which will let people create virtual “rooms” of up to 50 people for interactive video conferences.

Now, the stats...

Australian Facebook Statistics

(Please note: With the statistics related to the 3 Most Liked Brands, we source this information from Socialbakers - based on Brands and Australian Facebook fans only. We then prioritise the Australian arms of a brand if a brand appears more than once in the top 3 - e.g. we show the numbers for the McDonald's Australia page, not the American McDonald's page. If ever you notice a sudden fluctuation in numbers or completely different brand pages in the top 3, keep in mind we're basing this simply off what Socialbakers reports at the time. These statistics are available to anyone with a Facebook account.)

Total Monthly Users: 17,000,000 (consistent)
Penetration of Population: 69% (based off the Australian Bureau of Statistics' latest population estimate: 24.6 million)
3 Most Liked Brands 1. McDonalds (1,269,956)↑58

2. Coles (1,103,616)↑9,389
3. Red Bull Australia (1,024,149) ↑4,551


Australian Social Media Statistics (Other)

Twitter: 3,000,000 monthly users (consistent)
LinkedIn: 4,200,000 monthly users (consistent)
WhatsApp: 4,800,000 monthly users (consistent)
Snapchat: 4,000,000 DAILY users (consistent)
Instagram: 9,000,000 monthly users (↑4,000,000)
YouTube: 15,000,000 monthly visitors (↓700,000)


Australian Desktop Internet Browsers (% Market Share)

Chrome: 62.01% 
Safari: 10.74% 
Firefox: 9.70% 
Internet Explorer: 9.05% ↓
Edge: 6.71% 
Opera: 0.69% 


Australian Search Engines - All Devices: Desktop, Mobile, Tablet, Console (% Market Share)

Google: 93.64% 
All the rest: 6.36% 


Australian Mobile Operating Systems (% Market Share)

iOS: 56.11% 
Android: 41.91% 
Windows Phone: 0.44% 
All the rest:



Australian Mobile Browsers (% Market Share)

Safari: 52.84% 
Chrome: 32.70% 
Samsung Internet:




All the rest: 5.19% 


Australian Desktop vs Mobile vs Tablet Usage (% Market Share)

Desktop: 52.99% 
Mobile: 36.51% 
Tablet 10.50% 


* Statistics are current at time of publishing
** Statistics sourced from: 

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