Australian Internet and Social Media Statistics (April 2017)

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We are well into the year and there's no signs of slowing down with Social Media! Especially for Facebook, who announced heaps of now features and initiatives at their F8 conference.

Here are a few of April's social media update highlights: 

  • Earlier this month, Twitter announced a new customer service feature for businesses - the ability to request and share locations in Direct Messages. When a business requests a location in a conversation, the person they’re talking to will have the option to ignore the request, share a precise location, or pick a place name from a list.
  • Also, kicking off the month, Facebook began testing a free version of Workplace. Workplace is the network's verision of enterprise-focused collaboration (like LinkedIn). The new offering will be called Workplace Standard and the paid option will be called Work Premium
  • Facebook also introduced new and redesigned insights for ads - Delivery Insights and Estimated Daily Results. The Delivery Insights feature now provides in-depth auction metrics, guidance for interpreting fluctuations in performance, and trends in an ad set’s impressions, amount spent, results, and cost-per-result as well as auction metrics to explain those trends. The Estimated Daily Results is a new feature which gives advertisers estimate  on the results they can expect to see in a day, factoring in things like budget, audience, bid amount, and placements selections. 
  • Facebook also announced new tools for small businesses, expanding single inbox to desktop. Originally released in November 2016, single inbox allows businesses to manage communications across Facebook, Messenger and Instagram from a single unified inbox. It’s now available within both the Pages Manager App and on desktop.
  • Facebook introduced Facebook Spaces, a new VR app. Spaces gives users the chance to hang out with friends in a virtual environment. 
  • Instagram made an update to Direct, enabling users to make their conversations more visual. Text and reshares will now appear in the same thread as disappearing photos and videos for a more seamless experience.

Australian Facebook Statistics

(Please note: With the statistics related to the 3 Most Liked Brands, we source this information from Socialbakers - based on Brands and their Australian Facebook fans only. We then prioritise the Australian arms of a brand if a brand appears more than once in the top 3 - e.g. we show the numbers for the McDonald's Australia page, not the American McDonald's page. If ever you notice a sudden fluctuation in numbers or completely different brand pages in the top 3, keep in mind we're basing this simply off what Socialbakers reports at the time. These statistics are available to anyone with a Facebook account.)

Total Users: 17,000,000 (consistent)
Penetration of Population: 71% (based off the Australian Bureau of Statistics' latest population estimate: 24 million Australians) 
3 Most Liked Brands 1. Nick Cheadle Fitness (1,326,496) ↑27,230 

2.  McDonalds (1, 258, 350) 
3. Coles (1,164,032)


Australian Social Media Statistics (Other)

Twitter: 3,000,000 users (consistent)
LinkedIn: 4,000,000 users (consistent)
WhatsApp: 3,100,000 Active Australian Users
Snapchat: 4,000,000 users (consistent)
Instagram: 5,000,000 users (consistent)
YouTube: 15, 200,000 UAVs (unique Australian visitors ↑100,000)


Australian Desktop Internet Browsers (% Market Share)

Chrome: 59.01%
Firefox: 11.39%
Internet Explorer: 10.42%
Safari: 10.95%
Edge: 6.25%
Other: 1.98%


Australian Search Engines - All Devices: Desktop, Mobile, Tablet, Console (% Market Share)

Google: 94.48%
All the rest: 5.52%


Australian Mobile Operating Systems (% Market Share)

iOS: 57.26%
Android: 39.56%
Windows Phone: 0.64%
All the rest:



Australian Mobile Browsers (% Market Share)

Safari: 54.11%
Chrome: 30.82%
Samsung Internet:




All the rest: 5.67%


Mobile Internet vs Desktop Internet Usage

Desktop: 58.56%
Mobile: 41.44%


* Statistics are current at time of publishing
** Statistics sourced from:



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