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Just say 'Yes' to millennial marketing

Posted by Kathleen Noon on Tue, Jul 08, 2014 @ 05:50 AM

Optus' new ad, featuring the ever-charming and wonderfully awkward Josh Thomas, is basically an exercise in embracing millennial targeted marketing - and I think I like it.
Sure, it's brazenly over-the-top and it's very easy to see that they're going out of their way to impress that cool, and forever unattainable, younger generation. But it's cool. We can go with that.

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Made With Code: an ambitious project encouraging young girls to take up coding

Posted by Kathleen Noon on Wed, Jul 02, 2014 @ 05:50 AM

Recently, Made With Code had their launch event in New York City with Mindy Kaling and Chelsea Clinton in attendance, following a $50 million pledge from Google itself.
If that doesn't impress you already then you're obviously tough to please. Made With Code is a project founded by Google to encourage young girls to get interested and active in the world of coding.

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Fiat's GIF-filled marketing experiment is weird, to say the least

Posted by Kathleen Noon on Wed, Jun 25, 2014 @ 05:50 AM

I'm the first person to tie in an appropriately timed and often hilarious GIF in everyday social media interactions, but Fiat has taken it a few hundred steps further. Their latest advertisement is quite literally a collection of GIFs superimposed on footage of Fiats.

Please, see for yourself and embrace the undeniable weirdness of it all. Oliver Francois, Fiat's CMO, told Creativity Online that he likes the raw look of GIFs. "It's an experiment," Mr Francois said. "If it works — and so far so good. If it doesn't work, no big deal. We didn't invest so much money."

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Grow Up, Not Old - Kia's latest ad fails to move the brand forward

Posted by Kathleen Noon on Mon, Jun 23, 2014 @ 05:50 AM

Grow Up, Not Old is a marketing campaign that Kia has used in previous Sportage ads - this time they've just swapped the main character's gender. The ad briefing appears to be: show a middle-aged white person listening to some 1980s rap in their Kia Sportage and then magically have the musical artists appear in the car, turn up the volume, and awkwardly dance in their seats.

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PayPal's in-festival marketing is actually really great

Posted by Kathleen Noon on Fri, Jun 20, 2014 @ 05:50 AM

If you live in the US and were lucky enough to attend the Governor's Ball Music Festival in NYC or Bonnaroo in Tennessee recently, you probably noticed a lot of people paying through an app - the PayPal app. In a move that will undoubtedly change the face of big festivals around the world, PayPal has partnered with experiential marketing agency Factory 360 to facilitate a cashless festival experience for users.

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Marketing that makes you feel - Dove's 'Call for Dads' ad gets it right

Posted by Kathleen Noon on Thu, Jun 19, 2014 @ 05:50 AM

If you're anything like me and get teary at the drop of a hat (or most parts of The Notebook) you're probably going to want to watch this video where people can't see you cry. 

In another move of marketing genius, Dove has reminded us all of the importance of dads and is highlighting the lack of media representation that good dads actually receive. Dove hired Edelman Berland to interview 1,000 fathers aged 25 - 54. “Three-quarters of dads say they are responsible for their child’s emotional well-being,” said Rob Candelino, marketing VP and general manager, Unilever’s skin care. “But only 20 per cent see that in media.”

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FIFA wants to know you on social media

Posted by Kathleen Noon on Tue, Jun 10, 2014 @ 05:50 AM

Second-screening comes naturally to a lot of us, which is the use of an additional device to be used to enhance the viewing experience. That's right, live-tweeting Game of Thrones from your phone while watching it on your television now has an official term.

As people rely more and more heavily on these additional devices while watching television, it was only a matter of time before the activity was really harnessed for marketing purposes. Sure, suggested hashtags have been around for a while now, but what FIFA is trying to do with this year's World Cup might be the most advanced yet. 

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Google allows European citizens to be 'forgotten'

Posted by Kathleen Noon on Fri, Jun 06, 2014 @ 05:50 AM

Google received 12,000 requests to be ‘forgotten’ in the first day that it was offered to European citizens. That’s right, citizens of the EU are now able to have Google remove potentially embarrassing links from the search engine as a result of the European Court of Justice’s ruling earlier in May.

The form allows EU citizens to request the removal of links to search results where their names appear if the results are “inadequate, irrelevant or no longer relevant, or excessive in relation to the purposes for which they were processed”. Unfortunately, it’s only available to those in the EU, so your embarrassing MySpace profile may still be searchable.

The form that EU citizens can fill out to be 'forgotten' by Google.

Additionally, the search results are only omitted from the European versions of the search engine, meaning that pesky relatives living outside the EU can still find the photos of you doing a keg-stand at an Oktoberfest celebration.

Many have questioned the effectiveness of this move; however, I’m sure that those of us who have suffered from the re-emergence of their Top 8 can appreciate the move.

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Facebook: Get all updates from Pages you follow

Posted by Kathleen Noon on Tue, Jun 03, 2014 @ 05:50 AM

These days it seems harder and harder to get the content from pages you’ve liked on Facebook to actually appear in your news feed. With every new update to Facebook, the news feed section is becoming more and more specialised. So how can you make sure you’re getting the updates you want to see?

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Lego Travellers are better at social media than all of us

Posted by Kathleen Noon on Thu, May 29, 2014 @ 05:50 AM

The Lego Travellers are showing us how to best use Instagram and leaving us with serious photo-envy as they travel the world.
Craig and Lindsey, originally from Scotland, were avid travellers before their Lego counterparts were created. It was in 2012 that Craig found his old Lego collection and used it to create Lego versions of the pair, inspiring the creative uses of Instagram and Twitter that we see today.

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