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Social Good Summit used social media to facilitate global interaction

Posted by Madeleine Richards on Tue, Sep 30, 2014 @ 03:45 PM

Over the 21st and 22nd of September, the Social Good Summit advocates congregated to New York for the annual Social Good Summit event. Run by Mashable, 92nd Street Y, The United Nations Foundation, The United Nations Development Programme, and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the annual event brings global advocates together to discuss the big ideas and challenges facing us worldwide, using new media to create innovative, technology-based solutions. 


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Apple fans fall victim to unfortunate hoax ad

Posted by Madeleine Richards on Fri, Sep 26, 2014 @ 08:00 AM

Right on time with the new device(s) and iOS 8 update, Apple fans have been hit with a dangerous new hoax, leading many to accidentally destroy their phones. The hoax ad, seemingly originating on 4chan, has been introducing Apple's 'latest and greatest' iOS 8 feature, Wave, and encouraging iPhone users to charge their phone wirelessly using 'any standard household microwave'. 

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Hashtags for business, part 2: 5 great hashtag campaigns

Posted by Madeleine Richards on Thu, Sep 25, 2014 @ 07:00 AM

In part one of this series, we gave a simple overview of how your business can use hashtags strategically, capitalising on one of the most prominent online marketing trends around. Now, we're going to look at five brands that have successfully used hashtags in their recent marketing efforts, hopefully giving some inspiration as to how you can incorporate them into your next social media marketing strategy.


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6 great social media command centres

Posted by Madeleine Richards on Wed, Sep 17, 2014 @ 02:26 PM

In our fast-moving social media landscape, the importance of monitoring your brand's online presence is at an all-time high. From confectionary to tech to sports companies, being able to listen and react to customer discussion online is the new make-or-break practice that all firms need to incorporate into their marketing efforts. Many big firms are now creating social media command centre divisions, focused entirely on watching mentions of their brands over multiple platforms. Today, we are going to look at six of the best.


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Hashtags for business, Part 1: Improving your marketing efforts

Posted by Madeleine Richards on Tue, Sep 16, 2014 @ 10:31 AM


We've been banging the drum about hashtags for a while now. One of the internet's most popular trends of the last few years, it has entered our news, emergency services, and even our everyday language. Due to its simple nature and easy usability, it is unsurprising that many businesses have begun to include the use of hashtags in their digital marketing mix. However, it can be tricky to execute if you don't understand the concept completely, and can go comically wrong if it's not done strategically. Here's a simple overview of what the hashtag is, what it does, and how your business can include it in its social media plans.

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Ikea parodies Apple in latest BookBook catalogue ad

Posted by Madeleine Richards on Thu, Sep 11, 2014 @ 10:41 AM

Oh Ikea, you cheeky, cheeky Swedes.
Not satisfied with furnishing my whole apartment with relatively affordable European-designed furniture, their marketing team has decided to spoof a well-known brand (from a completely different industry!) to advertise their new 2015 catalogue. You know that brand Apple?

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The celebrity photo hack - how to secure your iCloud account

Posted by Madeleine Richards on Sat, Sep 06, 2014 @ 05:50 AM

Hitting headlines this week was the story of how over 100 female celebrities' intimate photos have been leaked and shared on 4chan.

Moral discussions of nude photos aside, actresses such as Jennifer Lawrence and Kirsten Dunst have been the victims of an extreme invasion of privacy. Reports have speculated that the culprit, who is 'on the run', used a glitch in the 'Find my iPhone' app to hack into the celebrities' iCloud accounts, enabling access to their private (and, in some cases, deleted) photos.

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PayPal launches 'Create Your Sale' microsite

Posted by Madeleine Richards on Fri, Sep 05, 2014 @ 11:44 AM

PayPal is launching a new microsite, enabling shoppers to choose and create sales from a large selection of online fashion retailers.

You heard right. The quintessential e-commerce middleman is putting the power into the shopper's hands, which launched at the end of August. Using PayPal's own words of allowing shoppers to create 'sweet deals on their own terms', Create My Sale allows users to select, price, and purchase items, as well as share the discounts with friends. 

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Twitter experiments with Timeline; upsets users

Posted by Madeleine Richards on Sat, Aug 30, 2014 @ 05:50 AM

Twitter has once again tinkered with its features, much to the annoyance of some users. The beta tests, rolling out on both mobile and desktop, having included treating favourites and followings like retweets and posting them within the timeline.

In what some could consider an unnecessary cluttering of the once streamlined Twitter timeline, every tweet you favourite or new account you follow can now be displayed on the timelimes of your followers. Still in beta stage, it has yet to infiltrate all accounts (mine is not affected yet), though it could soon to little fanfare.

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Facebook cuts down on 'click-bait'

Posted by Madeleine Richards on Fri, Aug 29, 2014 @ 05:50 AM

Getting sick of spam articles cluttering up your News feed? Facebook is, too.

In a blog article recently posted by Facebook, the social media giant is changing things around to minimise 'click-bait'. Originally coined to describe headings that offer limited information, the term is now widely used to explain any catchy headline on popular news topics that leads to minimal content. As Facebook moves to become one of the most influential publishing platforms due to the sheer amount of traffic it earns, it wants only legitimate engaging news to feature highly on the News Feed - a wish that is skewed by the high click-through rates of spam. As outlined in their blog post:

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