Hillary's Social Presidency Campaign

Posted by Holly Gilbert on Thu, Apr 16, 2015 @ 10:19 AM


On Sunday Hilary Clinton announced via Twitter her intention to run for U.S President. Not only has ‘Girl-Power’ hit the forefront of global politics, she is all over the social media scene reinforcing that she wants to be America’s champion.

Within the first hour of the digital launch of her campaign, Clinton’s announcement was viewed 3 million times. Twitter analytics also announced that there were 7,000 tweets a minute referencing Clinton and a total of 420,000 tweets mentioning Hillary Clinton in two hours.

Naturally amongst the bonkers few hours post social media announcement, the public took to Twitter and hit out with a cavalcade of 'Hill-arious' jibes. But with the general election in the U.K this May and the Presidential elections in 2016, the face and direction of the global political heavy weights could look a little different in the coming years.

Unfortunately Hillary’s announcement was overshadowed somewhat, by the revelation of her campaign logo, and the tongue in cheek call to arms for the world to swipe right!


Her critics will no doubt play the Grandma card, staking claims that Clinton is out of touch with the ordinary citizen and hark back to the shortcomings she faced in her 2008 campaign. There can be no doubt that using the hashtag #grandmaknowsbest in a pro-vaccinetweet will certainly fuel the fires of opposition of the Democrat. There may be flaws and foibles, but the decision taken by the Democrat to take a last stab at presidency was unsurprising from this former First Lady. And wouldn’t it say something about the progress of politics and gender equality if Hillary made it back into the White House on her own terms and born of her own beliefs on the American Dream.

She has earned the praise of Barack Obama who named her as “a formidable opponent in 2008” and insisted she would be “an excellent President.” After the economic fall out of the global financial collapse and that of Wall Street, as the narrative of her campaign develops over the next few months, her fiscal agenda for the everyman American will become clear in the fullness of time. While her 2008 campaign was seen by voters as aloof and impenetrable, surely her aim in the run up to election in 2016 is to connect with voters and the Americans who will ultimately change the course of political history by championing her.

With multimedia platforms being heralded as the new journalism, it is no doubt the way to reach and connect with people on a comparable and accessible forum; after the explosion on Twitter following Hillary Clinton’s announcement to run does it echo the change in social tech as much as the potential change in global politics?

It certainly makes for the start of an interesting Presidential race, and there will no doubt be more ‘Hillary-Bashing’ on social media. However, if social media has the power to get people talking political candidates, surely amongst all the trolling and critique will lurk revelations and information that might inspire a nation.

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