How Will Facebook Creator Studio Affect Your Marketing?

Posted by Sarah Phipps on Tue, Oct 08, 2019 @ 01:58 PM


Keeping up with Facebook and Instagram updates is it’s own project, but keeping up with your own Facebook pages is a full time job.

It’s hard to keep up with what content is performing best, and there are probably features in Facebook that you don’t even know about, because you just don’t have the time to keep track. BUT - what if you could?

What if Facebook developed an update specifically to assist you with tracking and managing your content different pages? What if you could track your Instagram posts on your desktop? And the clincher: what if you could have multiple Facebook accounts in one place to report on without having to log in and out of multiple dashboards? Enter: Facebook Creator Studio.

Facebook Creator Studio Explained

Facebook announced at the start of 2019 that it has big plans to merge Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp in a way that allows all users to message each other regardless of which platform they are using.

Each platform will remain its own entity, however it’s all apart of the master plan to create a streamlined infrastructure for users and make our lives a little easier. Quite simply, Facebook Creator Studio is an extension of this plan - it’s a scheduling tool designed to be used across multiple platforms, and provide some simplicity to a community manager’s process. Some of the main features of Creator Studio include:

  • The Inbox View, which will allow users to manage messages and comments directly from Creator Studio. Forget the old days of having multiple windows open to check messages and schedule content - because now it’s all in the same place.
  • A Content Library, which will allow users to sort post types, dates, statuses, and more with additional filters. You’ll even be able to view the activity for the posts or boost them from here.
  • Looking for a place to analyse your follower’s activity, see how many were returning viewers, and get an idea of how long people engage with your videos for? You’ll find it in the Loyalty View.

What Does This Mean For Marketers?

The big question: what’s the purpose of all of this? Well, the answer is actually twofold - time and convenience. The main purpose is to have multiple Facebook accounts in one place - this way you can report on them without having to log in and out.

For community managers who run more than one page, this ultimately means a more simplified and convenient process, and shaves off valuable time in your day that you would have otherwise spent switching between tabs and accounts.

Facebook Creator Studio also allows you to view insights into your Instagram activity on your desktop, which is great news for everyone who knows how fiddly it is to track data on your phone.

Because everything is all in one place, it also means that comparing data between Instagram and Facebook is as easy as a single tap - a one stop shop!

The Long and Short Of It

Creator Studio is a powerful social media management tool that can help you gain a new perspective and understanding of your social media actions.

Most importantly it gives you back the gift of time and makes the entire process more streamlined. It arms you with a slew of information and can help you streamline your efforts across multiple Facebook Pages, as well as Instagram.

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