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Posted by Jessica McKenna on Tue, Nov 20, 2018 @ 02:15 PM

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Hi, I’m Jess, I’m 24 and I am what's known as a millennial.

Speaking for my fellow millennials; we are a socially-conscious, open-minded and a widely diverse generation. On the other hand, if you were to ask my parents or grandparents, they would instead say we are “lazy, entitled, and shallow”. 


With such a desirable and eye-rolling stereotype placed on millennials, why exactly would marketers want to target us?


Millennials, also known as Gen Y, are now roughly aged between 18-35 and are the largest generation in Australia, with 5.22 million of us falling under this cohort. Our generation is considered to have more disposable income (thanks to mortgages being so damn expensive), are notoriously always switched onto our phones and the internet (guilty as charged) and are generally well educated in comparison to the baby boomer and Gen X generations (we said generally). 





With such a large population of us, traditional marketing and advertising has had to adapt to our current way of "millennial thinking". We think and buy differently based on our values, the brand's message and their social presence. This is why social media has become an imperative portion of business marketing strategies. With 88% of users on social media being millennials, having a strong social presence is important factor in capturing your millennial audience. 


So lets talk about how to market to Millennials. 


Be engaging and relevant

While being engaging is an obvious part of marketing and should be implemented when targeting all generations; millennials in particular need much more attention grabbing content when it comes to relevancy and engagement. 


Millennials are passionate about solving real life problems such as animal cruelty, politics, sustainability and equality, and they look for companies and brands that support the same causes as they do. For example, studies show that 73% of global millennials are willing to pay more money for a eco-friendly brand. This massive shift in sustainability and environmental awareness has encouraged more companies to evolve to the current market to win the attention of millennials (whilst also unwillingly helping the environment).


Every millennial ever


Be post-worthy!

Millennials love to share everything! What we eat, what we wear; it is no wonder why other generations think we are a little narcissistic. But for brands, this is gold. The more aesthetically pleasing your social platform, product or website is, the more we want to share it. Talk about free advertising!


One company that is successfully speaking to our "post-worthy" generation is The Mulberry Group. This hospitality company owns a chain of specialty brunch cafes in Melbourne that each have a social following of up to 70k. Sure, there is no doubt that these specialty restaurants make delicious food but their dishes' appearance and their aesthetically pleasing restaurant decor is what they are famous for. 


Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at 11.36.45 am @toppaddock 


 Be Authentic 

If you have been wondering why the traditional forms of marketing and advertising do not work on the vast majority of millennials it is because we prefer a more authentic and transparent approach. Our generation does not respond to a pushy sales pitches, instead we prefer to learn and connect with a brand that has an authentic brand voice that is fun and knowledgable. 


Like I mentioned previously, millennials love to share everything and we expect the brands we follow to do the same! This is why micro and larger influencer marketing has become popular. Influencers are the face to their own brand and consumers feel a greater, more authentic connection to people that share their world with their audience. Brands are using influencers more and more to connect with their millennial audience to stay relevant and also benefit from the creative content influencers produce.




Millennials respond well to brands that are engaging, relevant, post-worthy and authentic. We want companies to value the same things we do economically and present a more personal approach to their marketing strategy. This is no longer the time to sound "salesy", instead focus on transparency, aesthetic and your brands morals and values. 


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