PayPal calls out Apple in full page ad

Posted by Kathleen Noon on Mon, Sep 22, 2014 @ 12:07 PM

When asked who would have paid for a full page 'anti-Apple' ad in The New York Times, I bet your first guess would not have been PayPal. The payment website took a major swing at the company's accountability in the recent celebrity nude photo hack, which many have used to highlight insufficient security requirements within the iCloud system. As a major player in the mobile-payment market, which Apple recently announced its intention to join, PayPal is using this opportunity to beef up the face value of their security while bringing Apple under scrutiny.

The ad, which is part of their "We The People" campaign, is reminding the world that their payments should be more secure than their selfies. Some have questioned whether the ad is in good taste, considering that the photos related to the celebrity photo hack were stolen and published without consent, resulting in countless thinkpieces and internet activism.


Of course, it's a legitimate request, which makes the ad all the more appealing to the average consumer. This accessibility is the underlying theme of the "We The People" campaign, with a focus on developing the brand's well-known identity and introducing people to features they previously may not have been aware of. The use of out-of-home ads with 'actual people' as the face and voice of PayPal will continue to be utilised into 2015, according to Christina Smedley, VP of global brand communications at PayPal.

"The out-of-home we’ve enjoyed a lot because for us, it was the first time that we had put people who look like you and me and people who live their lives using their smartphones," Smedley said. "Because [out-of-home] exists for a longer period of time, it enables us to deliver quite articulate messages that aide us in developing comprehension."

Of course, PayPal's ad comes just a week after Mastercard ran a full page ad in The New York Times promoting their involvement in Apple Pay.


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