The 10 Most Important Website KPIs Every Business Owner Should Know

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A lot of business owners fall into the trap of just looking at their website’s number of total views, but that number is just a vanity metric. Here are the numbers you really should be looking at...


1. Bounce rate

Bouncing is just one of the reasons that looking at the total page views is a waste of time. What good is a page visit if the person bounce back immediately? Exactly. Your bounce rate is a reflection of how “sticky” or engaging your visitors find your website.

There are no guidelines to what your bounce rate “should be”. As the image below shows, bounce rates varies from industry to industry. But as a general rule, you would want to decrease it and keep your visitors on your own website for longer.


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2. Pages viewed per session

This is another measure of how engaging your visitors find your website and your content. The higher the number, the better for you and your website.

The unofficial industry standard is that a visitor checks out two pages per session. Can you create a compelling enough website to increase that number?


3. Avg. time on page

Harking back to what we said about bounce rates, a single visit isn’t worth much without context. If a visitor bounces right back, that is valuable information that you can use when optimising your website design.

Similarly, average time spent on a page is a very valuable metric for tracking how engaging a page or piece of content is. This is particularly useful for web pages that are focused on content; either written or audiovisual. Your visitor remaining on page to finish reading, watching or listening to the content you create is as good as a positive review.


4. Unique website visitors

Being able to track the total amount of times that one of your web pages were loaded is - I hope we’ve established by now - almost pointless. A key performance indicator that will be much more relevant for your business is tracking the total amount of unique website visitors.

How many people are there, just beyond the screen, reading the words you’ve written for them? That’s a stat that matters.


5. Number of visits

This KPI builds on the previous point. Not only can you track how many unique visitors your website has, but you can also track how many times that individual has visited your website in total.

This KPI is available in Google Analytics ( and it can really show you how loyal your audience is. 


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Of course, sometimes you will hit the SEO nail on the head and find yourself with thousands of first-time visitors, but most businesses will want to monitor and nurture the returning visitor that has come back to your site. Invest in those that are investing their time into your company!


6. Where do your visitors come from?

Also viewable within Google Analytics is how your visitors have ended up on your website.

For example, if you’re interested in seeing how your SEO measures are performing, you can take a closer look at how many visitors came to your site through organic search:



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Measuring how many of your visitors came from which channel can be a clever way of gauging the performance of your SEO, social media, EDMs and more - all at once!


7. Top performing landing pages

Landing pages represent the first thing a visitor sees when they come to your website, and are therefore a crucial cog in your conversion funnel. You should be figuring out which of your landing pages gain the most traffic and which has the highest conversion rate.

Your next step should be to make changes to other landing pages, do A/B testing and always working towards improving your funnel.


8. Top exit pages

Similar to finding your best performing landing pages, you should also look to find what your top exit pages are. Figuring out which pages make your prospects exit the website should help you focus in on which pages and pieces of content don’t work at all - and therefore what can be improved!


9. Newsletter open rates

A lot of people assume that email marketing is dead because the technology is “old”. It’s not cutting edge anymore, so it can’t be effective. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. EDM is alive and well. Better yet - it is still one of the most effective ways to generate leads.

You definitely need to stay on top of the KPIs for your newsletter, assuming your company has a newsletter. Track open rates and click-through rates. Most newsletter software lets you do A/B testing, which you can use to find what subject lines grab your audience’s attention.


10. Average page load times

If your page is slow, you will have a hard time capturing and keeping the attention of your visitors because their attention spans are short and getting shorter.If you have a slow website, it might be time for an upgrade in 2019. Check out our free ebook "The Ultimate Website Redesign Workbook" below to get you started! 


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