The Massive Benefits of Consumer Personas and How to Create One

Posted by Samuel Cooper on Fri, Jan 31, 2020 @ 09:24 AM

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The massive benefit that effective creation and implementation of a Consumer Persona - also called a Customer Avatar/Buyer Persona - can have on your business is immense and cannot be understated.

So, let's learn more about why Consumer Personas are so effective and how you might be able to create one.


How Does A Consumer Persona Impact Marketing Practices?

At its core, a Consumer Persona is a semi-fictional portrait of who the ideal consumer is for your business, transforming data into a customer you can focus your marketing activities towards.

“Selling to people who actually want to hear from you is more effective than interrupting strangers that don’t” - Seth Godin, leading marketing strategist and best-selling author.

Every business wants to communicate to those that would love your offering, and an effective creation of a consumer persona is a gamechanger for an organisation. A persona allows a business to attract, delight and engage customers that want to hear from you and drive these customers to take positive action, whether that be downloading a new eBook, booking in a consultation or signing up to your subscription service. Other examples of the power of a Consumer Persona are:

  • Do you want a better content marketing strategy that oozes value and attracts more leads?
    • Consumer Personas help marketers to create content with the RIGHT copy, which specifically targets the consumers’ pain-points, boosting engagement and reach.
  • Not sure what social media platform you should invest in for your paid traffic campaigns?
    • Knowing who your persona is could push more spend from Facebook to LinkedIn, ensuring the customers most INTERESTED in your product are viewing your offers. It will also inform what possible targeting and retargeting options you might want to consider.
  • Are you thinking about expanding your product or service offering?
    • A consumer persona helps a business create a product that your ideal customer actually WANTS, rather than hoping your new service is going to be successful.


How Do I Start?

These personas will typically be built around information like geo-demographic data, online behaviour and both primary and secondary marketing research methods.

A perfect way to start is by looking at your business and asking these three simple questions to help start crafting a Consumer Persona.

  1. WHO is your business's perfect customer?
  2. WHERE would you be most likely to encounter these customers?
  3. WHAT are the challenges your customer is facing and how does our product or service solve these problems?

From here, you can break down the who, where and what into sub-questions to further flesh out your Consumer Persona. There could be close to 200 questions that can help craft your persona, and the more in-depth you are in this process the better your outcomes could be.

This example from DigitalMarketer is a great example of what a persona might look like, as well as what information could be included. 



One last thing. Make sure you don’t rest on your laurels. Revise your Consumer Personas as time goes on; a persona is not a contract that is locked in for 20 years.

As you collect more data and your familiarity with the persona increases, the more opportunities there are to see possible improvements. Make sure to think about creating a persona - or multiple - for each product or service you offer to give an even more focused approach.

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