Tweets of the Week: USA

Posted by Ted Tabet on Fri, May 22, 2015 @ 01:24 PM


For this week's tweets we don our scientific spectacles and have a look at some of the more intellectually stimulating happenings on our favourite 140-character messaging platform, many of which come courtesy of the USA.


With great power, comes great responsibility...
Bill, always trying to get in on the action.
The most powerful man in the world is now on Twitter... We wrote a more extensive article on this, which you can view here.
NASA hands down have the most informative, inspiring and down right spot-on Twitter game.
The bigger, the better if you ask me.
We live in an amazing country, no matter how much people complain.
Yes, a lot of information to try and figure out when you peak.
A little electrical tape here,some PVA glue there and we have a fully working spacecraft. Excuses, excuses...
If you don't already follow these guys on Twitter, then you are missing out!
Some people, right!
Stop finger painting right now and get your baby networking.
If the stunning image before didn't convince you, then maybe this will.
It is sad to see how Africa has become a forgotten continent while the rest of the world advances. This infographic speaks volumes.
Poor old Frank, boo'd and took a tumble...  for ratings? No, no... he just fell.


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