Tweets of the week: Website redesign (Week 3)

Posted by Ted Tabet on Wed, Jun 17, 2015 @ 12:12 PM


This week's Tweets of the Week focus on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), a huge part of our work here at Margin Media and integral element to consider when redesigning your website. We have searched the web to find some of the most noteworthy happenings in the SEO space, words of wisdom from some SEO gurus and a look at #Mobilegeddon!


Forbes love Jeff Bullas because he is considered a SEO powerhouse. He could certaintly be worth a follow if you want to see all that's trending in SEO.

Preach, brother!

It's not just SEO that is invaluable to a good website. Colours can play an integral role in helping you earn more conversions from your website visitors.

As time goes on your, website's links can die, errors can occur and users can get frustrated. A good blog (and overall website) needs to be upkept like a good garden. Crawl test time!

Site not mobile-friendly? It could be severely hurting your search engine rankings!

Words of wisdom.


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