What Is Onsite Retargeting, And How Can It Increase Website Conversions?

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Every day, Australians are browsing the internet; shopping for clothes, looking at new recipes to cook for dinner, or doing research about digital marketing content. Every time we do, it seems that the Internet knows exactly as we're about to leave a page. Many of us have probably had the thought - "Am I being followed?" Well... maybe we are!

For example, have you ever seen a pop on your screen just as you are about to exit a site that says something like “Sign up to our newsletter and receive a 10% off your next purchase!” Well, that’s an example of onsite retargeting, and further proof that we are being followed (in the least creepy way possible).

So, What Is The Definition Of Onsite Retargeting?

Modern retargeting is aimed at turning window shoppers into customers because most visitors to your website leave without making a purchase.

Onsite retargeting is about tracking your visitors behaviour, and if their behaviour shows they are about to leave your site, relevant advertisements are displayed on other sites such as Google and Facebook to bring these users back, and ensuring they’re retargeted at the right time with a secondary message to stay onsite.

The point of onsite retargeting is to further enhance and increase website conversions for your business.

How Can Onsite Retargeting Increase Website Conversions?

Onsite Retargeting is just one out of many retargeting techniques that have proven to be successful in increasing website conversions for businesses.

Below are a few statistics based on the article Retargeting Statistics Every Marketer Must Know about onsite retargeting as well as all forms of retargeting and the exponential increase it has on website conversions.

  1. It has been noted that 3 out of 5 consumers are likely to take note of retargeted ads.
  2. Retargeted ads are 76% more likely to get clicks, on Facebook, than normal ad campaigns.
  3. Average click through rate for retargeted ads is 0.7% as opposed to display ads which only achieve a 0.07% click through rate, 10x higher than that of standard ads
  4. Retargeting, implemented in conjunction with other channels, are 50% more likely to produce sales.
    1. 26% of prospective clients that have been exposed to retargeting return and complete the desired action on the relevant website.
  5. When directly compared to alternative strategies, retargeting revealed a 1046% increase in business name searches, which was the highest.

These retargeting statistics are just a few facts that establish the importance of retargeting, with a focus on onsite.

We’ve given you the proof, now it’s time for you to put it into practice! Not sure how? Get in touch with us below to find out how we can help!

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