Is Email Marketing Dead?

Posted by Tiarna Adams on Tue, May 28, 2019 @ 02:37 PM


In the age of hashtags, likes and tweets, it is easy to assume that email marketing has become a thing of the past. 

However, that assumption would be wrong. Emails should still make up an integral section of your marketing strategy and here are 4 reasons why:


#1 Email has more users

Let’s look at some quick stats:

Facebook users: 2.38 billion

Instagram users: 1 billion

Twitter users: 321 million

Email users: 4.9 billion

These numbers alone speak for themselves. While Facebook, Instagram and Twitter’s statistics are by no means unimpressive, email is the clear winner in terms of the amount of people using it.

While this may seem surprising at first, it actually makes a lot of sense. We need an email address to do literally anything on the internet. Want to buy something online? You need an email address. Want to sign up for amazon? You need an email address. Want to use online banking? You need an email address. In fact, before you can even create a Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account? Yep, you guessed it, you need an email address. I think you can see where we’re going with this.

“The number of total emails sent and received by businesses is expected to grow beyond 319 billion by 2021.”- The Radicati Group Email Statistics Report


#2 Message Delivery

Again, we can let the stats do the talking; did you know that 90% of emails are successfully delivered to the intended recipient? In comparison, roughly only 2% of your Facebook fans will see your post.

This is because Facebook intentionally limits the number of times that your post appears on timelines in order to attract you towards their paid advertising options. Read more about this in our blog post, ‘Facebook has Become Pay to Play: Here’s how to Win!’

This means that if you have 20,000 people following your business’ Facebook page, only 400 of them will actually see the new post that you make. However, if you send an email to 20,000 people on your subscriber list, 18,000 of those people will see the email. This means that your message is 45x more likely to be viewed using email rather than Facebook.


#3 Consumers Prefer Email

According to one study by Marketing Sherpa, email marketing was the clear win when it comes to a consumer’s preference for how they want to be contacted by a business and what makes them respond.


While these results may vary slightly depending on your target audience, these numbers are a clear indication of what customers and potential customers want.

Here are a couple of reasons that consumers prefer email marketing:

It’s Personal: Today’s marketing landscape is very much based around digital and social media platforms where consumers are overwhelmed with generic messages and posts designed to be seen by thousands of people. With email marketing you can make your communications hyper-targeted and tailor the emails a customer receives to suit their preferences and buying history. You can even make an email so much more personal by automatically inserting the subscribers name.

When utilising email marketing campaigns, the more data you have about your customers, the better. For example, Rip Curl use a tool named Campaign Monitor to ensure that female customers in the US receive promotions on swimwear in the summer months and male customers in the US receive promotions on wetsuits in the winter months. This personalised and targeted advertising, in turn leads to a higher purchase rate.

It’s Convenient: In a world where nobody can go anywhere without their smartphone in their pocket, handbag or briefcase, people rely on emails. It’s a way to stay connected to their favourite brands and businesses no matter where in world they are. It also means that they can easily redeem vouchers or special offers they receive, right from their phone.

In fact, the table below shows that email is the most popular activity that people use their smartphone for.





#4 Email Marketing is Cost Effective

The average click-through rate for an email marketing campaign is 3%. This is 6x more effective at directing traffic to your website than Twitter, where the average click-through rate fore one tweet is 0.5%.

According to Monetate 4.24% of visitors from email marketing buy something. This is compared to 2.49% from search engines and 0.59% from social media.

Given that email marketing has such a successful rate of conversions, it is no surprise that email gives an unparalleled return on investment. On average, email yields a massively impressive 3,800% return on investment for businesses. This means that for every $100 you spend on email marketing campaigns, you’ll get $3,800 back. In short, email marketing is a relatively low-cost marketing tool which has the potential to drastically increase your business’ profit.

Email has been around for a long time, much longer than any social media platform, and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Rather than only focusing on the number of followers your Instagram page has, try also building your subscriber list to achieve a much more stable and long-term marketing strategy.

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