How To Use Facebook Retargeting To Better Reach Your Email List

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Would you be surprised to learn that the concept of reusing and repurposing can apply to your business’s marketing strategy?

Reusing, repurposing and recycling are all significant trends in today’s society and with good reason. As we see a shift towards environmental consciousness, it’s clear that people are starting to care more and more about their impact on the planet.

Not only are the three ‘R’s’ a good lesson in environmental consciousness but they’re also a great way to learn about the worth of things. It can be easy to get sucked into the throw-away society of our modern world. It’s important to note that most things in this world are versatile and are ready to thrive for much longer than we give them credit. 

Reusing Your Email List

Your marketing strategies, materials and content should not be viewed as having a short expiration date. There are so many ways in which you can reuse and repurpose just one aspect to further improve your overall marketing plan.

For example, rather than wasting funds by experimenting with a new target audience on a Facebook Ad campaign, retarget your Ads to your existing email list. Use this method to take advantage of prospects that are already at the awareness stage in your business’s funnel. This way, you can build authority, refresh interest within your product or service and create an opportunity for a customer base who already knows and loves what you do.

How To Setup Facebook Custom Audience To Retarget Email Subscribers

To ensure email subscribers aren’t missing your business’s messages, you can retarget them through Facebook. You can set this up by using Facebook Business Manager to upload your current email list as a Custom Audience, then exclusively target your ads towards this audience.

Here’s a step-by-step guide:

From within Facebook Business Manager > Select Audiences > Select Custom Audiences > Select Customer File.

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Then you want to select ‘upload a file that includes customer life value (LTV).’ From there you will upload your file. If you are confused as to how the file should be structured, then select ‘download file template,’ fill it with your email list details and then re-upload the file.

Screen Shot 2019-05-28 at 11.29.28 am-1
Screen Shot 2019-05-28 at 11.31.22 am-1


For the section under Customer Value Column, you want to select Email Address as the LTV. Then under Preview and Map Your Data, you want to select all other fields that apply.

Screen Shot 2019-05-28 at 11.49.10 am
Screen Shot 2019-05-28 at 11.49.51 am


Once you’ve completed these steps, click ‘Upload & Create’ and you’re all done!


How Does Facebook Custom Audience Work To Retarget Email Subscribers?

In simple terms, Facebook scans your uploaded email list for all user profiles that match. The match percentage that Facebook returns with will be dependent on where you got the email list, whether they’re personal or business emails, etc.

It is highly unlikely that Facebook will return with a 100% match. It is much more reasonable to expect anywhere around 80%. 

Why Should I Retarget Email Subscribers on Facebook?

Now, you may be asking yourself: “Why would I want to pay Facebook to target people that I am already reaching via email? Well, here are the reasons why you should:


#1 Connect With People When They Have Time To Look At Your Offer

Most of us receive emails while we are at work or busy with our day. Each day, the average office worker receives 121 emails. Getting this many emails on the daily means that subscribers may miss your email or don’t have the time or energy to follow-up the deals and content your business is offering.

Alternatively, Facebook is an activity that many people engage in several times a day. People typically browse their newsfeed when they wake up, during their commute, on their lunch break, while watching TV of an evening and before bed.

Since your audience will have seen your email earlier that day or week, they’ll be more likely to recognise your brand when presented with a Facebook Ad. By engaging your audience across different platforms your allowing users to become familiar with your brand and promoting them to take action on your offers.

Make sure that your copy in the Facebook Retargeting Ad is the same (or very similar) to the copy in your email. This will provide your customer with recognition of who you are and ensures that they are already primed to follow through on your offer.


#2 Frequency is Key

Your marketing message typically needs to be seen by prospective buyers multiple times before they’ll be influenced to take action. The famous marketing term ‘the rule of 7’ coined by Dr Jeffrey Lant, is becoming harder and harder to follow.

In today’s environment, your business will need more than just those seven times to be heard above all the other noise in people’s newsfeeds and peripheral vision. Luckily, social media offers every business the chance to engage a customer 7 times every day! This can be accomplished through several platforms.

For example, using a combination of email AND Facebooks Ads will increase the frequency at which your audience sees you and will fight to keep you top of mind. So when your audience sees a call-to-action, they will be so familiar with your business that they won’t hesitate to follow through. Or better yet, next time they go to make a purchase decision in your product/service industry, they will remember your brand!


#3 Continue To Reach an Unreachable Audience

Once you build a Custom Audience on Facebook, you can continue to target them with Facebook Ads regardless of whether they unsubscribe, switch email addresses or your emails start going to their spam folders.

Having an email list is a valuable asset for your business. To further extend this value, be sure to create a Facebook Custom Audience using your list. This will ensure that you can continue to reach your entire audience despite what happens on their end of the conversation.


#4 Extend Your Reach Through Lookalike Audiences

The benefits of reaching users via Facebook Ads don’t end with just your current audience. How would you like the chance to reach over 1 million other consumers with similar interests, demographics, purchasing habits and online activity as your existing customers?

After you upload your email list to Facebook and create a Custom Audience, you can also create a ‘Lookalike Audience’ of over 1 million Facebook users to target. Lookalike Audiences are one of the most powerful tools in digital marketing today. If you have an email list compiled of engaged customers, then Facebook Lookalike is an easy way to reach more consumers who will love your brand but don’t know about it yet.

Retargeting your email list through Facebook Ads is a great way to reach your current audience but creating a Lookalike Audience and equipping yourself with the tools to expand your audience could be the difference between doubling or tripling your ROI.

You now have all the instructions, information and reasoning as to how and why you should be using Facebook to retarget your email list. It’s time to stop reading and implement the strategy!

Are you planning to send out an email in the next few days? Upload your subscriber list and launch a Facebook campaign that mirrors it. Implementing new social strategies to keep your consumers aware and engaged with your business will ensure that your ROI continues to grow.


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